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Hello Guys!

Long time passed since my last post here on Steem platform, during that time not many things change in my photographic life - of course many new shots made, places visited, spots discovered... and of course - first place from my bucket list - Iceland, visited.

But from the totally new stuff I decided to focus more on my YouTube channel and start to post there regular, For now, I am sharing my photo trips mostly with some photographic workshops, adventures and big galleries in every video.

If some of You are interested - take a while and visit my site.
The language for now is only polish, but I am thinking about making the other channel for English audience as well, time will show if I will find the motivation, time and inspiration for starting another channel.
For now, I have to focus on one video project.

I am still learning a lot about making my films more interesting and a bit more inspiring for my viewers. My render skills improved since the beginning but still I have many subjects I want to improve.

Hope You will enjoy visiting and checking out my channel.

Stay safe, stay strong, until next one!

Below - cover from one of my latest videos.

Summer Night Mood.jpg


Witaj na pokładzie przyjacielu!!!

Hehe, niezupełnie, obcowanie z tą platformą jednak odczuwam jako krok wstecz, na próbę coś wrzuciłem, ale wątpię, żebym powrócił na dobre, dawaj na Hive :). Spróbuj zalogować się na PeakD - może tam przejdzie Ci proces logowania. Musisz tam być!

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