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Seascapes - An Ongoing Photo Series- Part 2

This is a photo of Frouxeira beach and the sea taken at Valdoviño, Galicia.

It was another glorious day to be out on the beautiful Galician coast with a camera....

I hope you enjoy :)

Please click on the photos for higher resolution/full screen

Have an explore within the image


You can find part 1 to this ongoing Seascape series here -


Peace and Love my friends!

Mark - aka @photographyguy



Realmente hermoso! Gracias por compartirlo. Me encantó. Le saluda @yohanys de Venezuela

Awesome photography. You used leading lines and spectacular framing when you took the shot. You most Certainly give me motivation to do better with my photography. 😀

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This is a beautiful photo, its the sand naturally red or is it something to do with the lighting?

It gives us the mood of Challenge with a touch of being relaxed...

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How nice it is!

Harsh! a splash...
hmm...the smell of water
a wonder-full view,
a calming atmosphere.
Mama Mia
this I love

excellent photography

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