Wildlife of the Caribbean: my special photo selection - part 1

in photography •  3 months ago

Hi there my Steemit friends and followers!

As I decided to dedicate my Monday posts to promoting interesting Steemians that you might want to follow through my new series called @phortun´s Monday Spotlight, I will not be competing in the Monday animal photography contest any more.

But you know how much I love animals and nature and I just cannot stop posting this kind of content :) Therefore, I prepared something special for you today (and the next Saturday). I compiled a selection of 40 wildlife photos that I have taken in the Caribbean (to be more specific - in Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, Florida and the Dominican Republic).

Not to overwhelm you with just too many animal photos all at once, however, I decided to split the selection into two parts, each featuring 20 photos. You might already know some of them as they have appeared on my blog before but there will also be many photos that I have not published on Steemit yet.

All of the animals featured in this series were photographed in their natural environment (no zoos or anything like this). Some of them were just too fast (or dangerous) for me to be able to focus my camera properly on them, which is why some of the photos are of poor quality. Sorry about that. I am not a professional wildlife photographer and I use just my cell phone camera. Hopefully, you will still like and enjoy this little wildlife photoseries :)

Here is the first part.

Atlantic Ghost Crab

Black Spiny Tailed Iguana

Hermit Crab

Brown Pelican

Green Sea Turtle

Poison Dart Frog

Eyelash Viper

Moon Lizard

Spiny Orbweaver

Sand Dollar

Brown Throated Sloth

Keel Billed Toucan

Green Basilisk

Red Winged Grasshopper

Banana Spider

Leaf Mimic Katydid

Hermit Crab

Giant Silk Moth Larvae


Double Crested Cormorant

If you liked these photos, stay tuned for the second part of this series that will be posted next Satruday ;) Have a fantastic weekend and keep on Steeming my friends!

Hey, I am @phortun, the author of this post. Thank you for visiting my blog. If you like posts about #nature, #animals, #traveling and discovering secrets and beauties of the #world, feel free to follow me as these are the topics I mostly write about. Have a wonderful day and Steem on! :)

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Rikísek nejkrásnější, že? ;)

Remarkable captures.... way too close on some of them for my taste, especially a viper!


Thank you my friend! Well, if you are a "fan" of snakes, there will be a surprise for you in the second part of the series :))

It was a great idea and the post was really nice. I like YOUR IMAGES and want read more from you.

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a very interesting post and stunning photos ... great work 👍


Thanks :)


You're welcome 🤗

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Brutal...vacsiny z nich by som sa ale asi nechytil :D Ako si odfotil tu korytnacku? To bola nahoda/bezne/abo ste boli na nejakom vylete, ze "plavanie s korytnackami"?


V Mexiku (kousek od města kde jsme bydleli) je zátoka, kde tyhle karety žijou. Vezmeš šnorchl a jdeš normálně mezi ně :) Fotil jsem to vypůjčeným podvodním foťákem... Ty největší kusy můžou vážit i 300 kilo, úžasná zvířata...

Btw, I would love to see some wildlife photos from Panama from you @evecab :) I am sure you would have no troubles creating a photo series like this one too :)


wow they're such great shots! You got incredibly close! I have never seen a wild toucan here, they are so beautiful! The viper and tarantula freaked me out though LOL. We don't have any tarantulas where I live, or at least I have never seen them on the island. If you go to the mountains, there are plenty though....OK OK challenge accepted about the photo series lol


Well, Mexico has the largest number of tarantula species (66) in the world :D But we did not see them on the coast either. You have to go further up in the inland to see them ;) Btw I saved some nice spider shots for the second part too haha ;)

I cannot wait to check out your wildlife photo series Eve! :)) Good luck!


oohh looking forward to those! I used to be very scared of spiders, but living in the tropics kinda cures that LOL. Tarantulas are my exception though they are just too big not to bescary. Scorpions also...urgh. OK will post some pics soon =)

Ten "Dollar" je nějaká mořská potvůrka? Mohl bys posílat fotky do National Geographic ;-)


Ano, česky ježovka bezostná :) Díky za pochvalu, ale některé z těch fotek by mi asi nevzali ani do Čtyřlístku :D Holt fotit divoká zvířata v jejich přirozeném prostředí není sranda :) Ale mnohdy je to zážitek na celý život ;)


Mouchy se najdou všude ;-). Nehledám je. Oceňuji informační kvalitu :-D

Awesome pics! @phortun The Sand Dollar and Katydid did it for me : ) never seen those before. Can't wait for the next set of your pics.


Thanks! :) Stay tuned for the second part ;)

Very nice post .

Excellent,,, natural things It looks hot and cool

Waooo,, different things at the earth.it look beautiful.your good idea in photography

@phortun great information and shots, i like animals an nature too. How do you manage to capture such amazing shots? please let me know.


Well, it takes some patience :) But some animals are very fearless and they let you come pretty close.

Great pictures, @phortun
Some species I've never met before.

Thank you very much for the beautiful photos and new knowledge.

Giant Silk mother Larvae I was simply amazed, and Green Basilisk and Sand Dollar!

You are lucky to see this miracle of nature.


Thank you so much @singa :) The green basilisk is a fascinating creature but it was almost impossible to take a photo of it as it is extremely fast and shy :)


Hey @phortun, these are great pics! I have seen a lot of those animals here in the Caribbean side of Panama, I believe the tropics has an amazing variety of species, specially in the Caribbean. Thanks for the pics.


Thanks for stopping by man :) You are @evecab hubby right? You are right, the tropics (all over the world actually, not just in Latin America) has the highest biodiversity on Earth. We just need to protect it more and I amso glad you and Eve have been doing that!


thanks dude, I appreciate it.