Macro Photography: close-up of the dor beetle (Anoplotrupes Stercorosus)

in photography •  last year 

Hi there my Steemit friends and followers!

As I already informed you in one of my recent posts, the mushroom season is in full swing here in the Czech Republic so I have been spending a significant part of my free time in the forest lately.

I usually take my cell phone camera with me so that I can capture everything that catches my attention while roaming the forests around my hometown. Although the temperatures are already uncomfortably low (mostly between just 10 and 15 degrees Celsius), the forests are still brimming with life and you can encounter a variety of interesting animals there, including some remarkable insects species such as, for example, this guy.


Colloquially known as the dor beetle, this bug is up to 2 cm (0.8 in) long and it has a beautiful, dark blue metallic coloration. Native to forests (both leafy and coniferous) of most Europe, this species is scientifically known as Anoplotrupes Stercorosus and it is actually a species of the dung beetle, feeding on feces and rotting stuff.

This is also my entry for today´s #macrophotography contest hosted by @juliank.


Thank you for visiting my blog. If you like posts about #nature, #animals, #traveling and discovering secrets and beauties of the #world, feel free to follow me as these are the topics I mostly write about. Have a wonderful day and keep on Steeming!

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Met a lot of these guys on the road, now I know a bit more about them. Nice macro!

I am sure you did :) Some people say they are ugly but to me, they are beautiful :) Thanks for stopping by my friend.

Nechutne :D hlavne tie chlpky na ten nohe :D

Jak kdybys ty na nohách chlpky neměl :D ;)

:D ale moje niesu nechutne :D

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No myslím, že minimálně jedna tvoje noha ještě donedávna tak trochu nechutná byla :D A tímto bych tuto debatu (radši :D) ukončil.

Yuck. That all I have to say. Great photo but is starting to get cold here too I've been spending a lot of time outside. We should have snow this weekend . I am still camping.

Haha I know not everyone is a fan of insects but I actually find these guys beautiful :D Wow snowing in early October? Stay warm guys.

Amazing photo. The beetle on it, like an experienced model, froze in an excellent pose.

Великолепное фото. Жук на нем, как опытная модель застыл в отличной позе.

Haha exactly! :) He stopped for a while so that I could take this shot :)

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