Hidden beauty in Funchal, Madeira

in photography •  9 months ago


This is a (not so) rare moment in Funchal, Madeira, where we had a nice sunny day but the storm was already upon us. We just about escaped from being soaked:)

The picture was taken with my OnePlus 5 smartphone, which can utilize its dual camera (16+20MP) in a scenery like this very well. The main camera has an aperture of f/1.7, which ensures that photos are bright without being overexposed.
Those sunsets by the sea (or anywhere else) will look like from a magazine taken with this camera.

You'll find OnePlus 5 phones here on Amazon:
In the US you'll get it for 499$ here:

In the UK you will find these around £450 here:

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Wow.. 😍😍😍

that is nice capture.
Please upvote to my photos also in my blog & follow me. thank you.

I spent a wonderful month in Madeira, Funchal is an amazing town! :)


It is, we'd love to go back there when we can. There's so much to see and do in Madeira :)

Wow haha pekny kontrast farieb :)


Ano, aj my sme boli velmi radi ze sa nam podarila taka pekna fotka :)

My parents just came back from a holiday at Madeira and took home awesome pictures and stories. Seriously considering to visit there sometime soon, seems really amazing!


It's definitely worth a visit, so much variety and different types of landscapes. We loved it there :)

Nice and stormy shot! :D

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