Family : the priceless asset

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Within the past one week I've had two sessions which turned out to be very emotional for me. Two youths who had to drop out from school due to financial difficulties. It's not like they are orphans nor have parents who are separated. Everything is working quite ok in terms of family but they aren't just getting it right.

You ask yourself what could be the problem?. I get the fact that life is not a rollercoaster, I mean in every climes we still have those who cannot make it to school but one can't fail to ask why a parent should consider a journey that they don't know how it would end?. Don't get me wrong, I know some will say "you're responsible for yourself", but for me I still insist on catering for your kids till they get a degree atleast. Like they say "don't start what you can't finish". For me, I'd say don't even start the process of child bearing.


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When topics like "family planning" comes up some persons will say "we've heard this over and over" while others will just cut you shut with "don't tell me what to do!". Like really?, don't tell me what to do?. You ought to be told everything you're supposed to do. If you don't take care of those kids both your family and community suffers. One bad contact and everything is gone, they carry guns, work as slaves, do drugs amongst other degradatory things that accompanies anyone frustrated with finding money. Planning is everything and that goes down till your family.

I was really emotional. Amongst everything they shared with me, the former revealed he can't even sit with his high school mates anymore as they've all graduated. The later still has the little siblings to cater for, one which led to dropping out in the first place. Inasmuch as kids are gifts from God parents should know that they are precious and as such, they should be catered for to a certain level with the primary things like food, shelter, clothing, medical insurance and education included.

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