Wednesday Yellow - Comfort

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 No matter who we are we all need comfort

Taken on an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

Perhaps it's someone we care about, or something in nature we see that does it, but all of us need to be picked up sometimes.

  • What do you see in this picture?
  • Does this guy getting comforted?
  • Do you think colours like yellow could pull us out of a funk?


Mellow yellow, that's the way to go!

its the comfort that hunts everywhere and it is at HOME ALWAYS :D beautiful shot

Yellows and oranges definitely help me out of a funk - being outside in the autumn does it too.

In your photo your couple look like they are having a very intimate conversation. The guy is talking while looking at the water? (I think) and that tells me what he's talking about is a difficult subject. It's a calm photo so yes, comfort is being given.

Thanks for the input, I think so too!

Excellent photography.. Its looking very beautiful. Thanks for sharing us.

Fantastic photography

Comfort is the best way we can give to those who are in need, down or upset. Just like the photo of steeongprosper we should show support to our co-steemians in this wasy we're not the only one who goes on top we also give value to others😊

I think sitting on a solid rock without a backrest is not comfortable) But yellow makes the picture very soft and pleasant. My huge respect for choosing a camera :)

No place like home for the confort one needs!

Noticed your profile while I was looking through the streetphotography tags for today. Really like this one from your colour themed ones! I've just followed you, looking forward to seeing more :)

Hello, my name is Ana, what beautiful photography you took, has such a beautiful balance of colors. transmits a lot of tranquility
I hope to keep crossing with your publications

Awesome words so nice to saw this post today ....thanks for sharing this post :)