Travel Photography - The Eternal City

in photography •  4 months ago

Past, present and future

Places like this give us the opportunity to step back and see the big picture, the grand scheme of things. So much time has gone by, and our own little world only resides in a thin and narrow slice of time which will soon be swept away by the future itself.

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Taken on an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

People of ancient Rome used to go about their daily lives as we do, worrying about the next days problems and trying to distract themselves by the use of entertainment. Created, loved and enjoyed life as we sometimes do, yet all that remains of them now are the decayed and almost obliterated structures they left behind.

  • What do you see in this picture?
  • Have you ever been to Rome?
  • Does the past help you put things in perspective?

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really beautiful city of rome at night. i like it


Yeah, it looks great at night!


Yes, I wonder what beauty is during the day

First of all glad to see you buddy after a long time :)

While it sure is a beautiful place :)

While have not visited Rome but will someday :)

Past sometimes is hard to forget but we can use them as a guideline to move forward and make a greater future for us :)


so true @rehan12, I hope you will visit someday.

Never been to rome but seems like a must visit place that's a nice shot in the dark

@peter-parker The photo is really awesome that is why I stop by to have a closer look :)
I have not been to Rome before.
Thinking about the past somethings can make me depressed, but I always convince myself to think positive even when things around me are not going as aspected, but the mistakes of the past really motivate me to go on and continue doing the right thing, well thank you Parker hope to see you around again.

Beautiful article mr parker..
i like title of this article.
it is really nice...

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Good content dear .
Beautiful city at night.Like it.