Self Portrait - Reflected

in photography •  5 months ago

Who are we?

When you look at yourself, what do you see? Are you a product of society, have you been squeezed into the mold and become a reflection of your true self, or do you fight to be the real you?

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Taken on an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

What you see of me in this photograph is merely a reflection, just as many people become reflections of who they truly are.

Break the mirror

Become your own person and don’t let other people decide who you’re going to be. One of our greatest gifts is the power of choice and deciding who we want to be, show your appreciation for it.

  • What do you see in this picture?
  • What do you think about society’s influence on us?
  • Are you a reflection?

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image under a image pretty cool ;) nice one

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Right now i feel like i have been squeezed into the mold and become a reflection of my true self...but i want to fight it and follow my own way but its very very very hard.
In the picture i see like someone is closed in a water well and someone is looking on us from the top and i think will he help me or did he just come take a peek and will go away.

@peter-parker this photo makes me so fell awesome i loved this picha

I fight to be the real me :-)
Five days a week in the gym, the battle has been raging on for the past five weeks now. LoL


I like your photography and the small reflection, I think that the majority of people when looking at themselves in a mirror will only be able to observe a product of the society because this dominates much the way of thinking. I like this kind of photographs, which are not only very good but also leave you something to think about. Greetings.

Hello, Peter. I think that we are the reflections of the world around us

Really cool self - portrait and interesting points!

I see somone I saw!

Great photograph @peter-parker. It looks like ou're looking down into something but I assume you're not. 😁

As it seems it is sometimes hard to breakthrough that chain but once it is broken than you sure are set loose and feel the real you again !Well that is how we shall be !

Well I see someone looking for answers !

My thoughts: The person looks in anywhere). Joke. And if it is serious, then it is always terrible to know what waits for us ahead. The main thing to have the purposes and to go to her. I will subscribe))) in hope for reciprocity)

Great Photo & Post!
Reflection R Us.
Steem on :)

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I like this Idea :) Cool photo :)