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in #photography4 years ago (edited)

Macro photos are an excellent way to look at things in a different, more detailed way. Can you guess what this is?
Have a wonderful day, my friends!




Nikon D3400



Looking at the first photo, I thought that it was a pineapple. But after the second one I understand what is this. It is cone or bump.

I'm guessing either an un-opened pine cone, or a reproduction hive from the twelve legged tree bee on the far off planet of Arboldogass.

i googled and it seem to be a seed of pine tree. :)

That does make a bit more sense than that other idea ( :

Masterful creativity. The first picture knocks me down :)

Greetings my Dear

Thank you so much, my dear! Big hug :)))

Very nice macro shot @pepe.maya
Pine cones sometimes looks like a pineapple fruit.

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