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Happy weekend, fellow travellers and nature lovers.

In my today's post I'll share some photos from my recent trip to the mountains. I took advantage of the relatively pleasant November weather and climbed one of the peaks in the Julian Alps in Slovenia - mount Krn - above the sea of clouds.

B7503733-A672-432B-8401-A78E6B7B4F6E (1).JPG

I parked my car at around 700m altitude right below the pastures under a mountain range where the asphalt ends and hiking trails begin. I knew I have about 3 hours to reach the top at 2445m.

I was expecting wind so I was well dressed but after the first climb I was already in short sleeves. The whole valley was still covered in fog while I was basking in the sun on my way upward.



I met a few hikers on the way already descending from the summit. One of the groups said they began their trip at 4am. And I thought I was early at 7! One of the things I enjoy in the mountains most beside the views is that 90% of the people you meet are super friendly and full of positive energy, everyone greets each other and exchanges a few words. Over these last 2 years it's become almost a rarity.


There's a biwak right below the top of the mountain, but it was closed. In the summer you could get a cup of tea here or even sleep over.


The views from the top are stunning - you can see the highest Slovenian mountain in the distance with 2864m. I still have that one on my bucket list.


On a clear day, you can see all the way to the Adriatic Sea. It's especially beautiful at night, when the lights of the little towns across the northern Italy are lit up in the distance. The fog from the valley started to ascend and the winds were pushing the clouds towards the mountain. It was marvelous to watch.




At this time of the year most of the vegetation here is dried grass, but I was lucky to meet this little blue flower called Gentian.


It was quite windy at the top so I didn't stay long. On the way down I reached the clouds so I had the last quarter of the trip in the fog. Not a big deal but the sun was much more pleasant.

Remember, there's always sun above the clouds. :)

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