The troubles of having a loving dog

in #photography • 3 years ago

His name is Smart.😍😍

We got him at the beginning of the year. That was in January. So, Smart is roughly 9 to 10 months old at the moment. That's because he was already about one month old when we got him. 🐕🐕

This dog is one of the most attention-seeking dog I've ever met or seen in my life. Smart always want you around and sometimes that can be a nuisance. I had to go online to check if that's normal with dogs cause this is the first time we'll be having a dog in our household.🐶🐶

He's quite a lovely dog but sometimes annoying. 😫😫

Just last week here, I had hung my towel outside to dry. You wouldn't believe that before I came outside, my towel was in shreds. Smart had literally torn my turn to pieces. I was angry but couldn't do anything to him. The only way I could punish him was to ignore him throughout the day. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Aside from that, Smart can also be an ardent lover of food. Sometimes, I'm like can't he ever get satisfied? Can't there be a time when he sees food and ignores it? It just doesn't happen.

Another thing about Smart is that he messes everywhere he enters . Smart leaves a pillar, like pyramids of Egypt, come everywhere he enters.💩💩 Sometime few months ago, I considered naming him Pharaoh.

All troubles aside, on a very good dog day, Smart can be very loving.

I love my dog. 🐕🐕🐕IMG_20190915_155601_3.jpg

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