Baby cucumbers Photographed in HDR (High Dynamic Range)

in photography •  5 months ago

Baby Cucumbers grown in my Allotment, then photographed in True HDR. Composed of 3 images merged into 1.

Taken with Fuji X-E1 - xf lm ois 18 - lens. Processed in Photoshop CS6.
To use HDR in CS6 :
click on file , Automate , merge to HDR pro.


Link to a tutorial i made on HDR photography

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you planted it ?

What is this? You spent time on this? Somebody other than yourself really upvoted you to $22.50?

You must have some bucks man.

First, cucumbers are super easy to grow and whether it's your photography skills or what, they look like shit.

Second, I can make 10 better pictures in 20 minutes with no retouching with my $99.00 Nikon CoolPix using those same weird looking cucumbers.

Is this a troll post to piss people off?

Bam - $99 CoolPix. One shot, One Kill. Could have been framed a little better. It's busy over there, Bob. No Photoshop. One Frame



r u for real? u obviously dnt kno how steemit works....... yea nice pic bt get the contrast right loool


aggresive fuffers on this site dnt do well....


peeps who atack others dnt do well on here. i se u spend most of ur time being negative... maybe try thta on another site, u dnt like my pics.....fair enuff...fuv u


ok i went on a rant lol.......anyway at least my stuff is original... u attacking me yet all your stuff is other peoples info or expect to get paid for just plaigerising?
your photograph is good, maybe if you spent more time posting your own creative original works then you might get more reward... At least i give something back from what i get...i sponsor spl, i run a steemit witness, i run competitions every now and again, ive given SBD to newcomers not getting recognition.. ive contributed to steemcentre wiki....look through my blog, u cant tell me all my work is shit, surely? or that ive not given anything back to steemit?.
ok my photos might not be your taste ... but to say its shit... not even any constructive critisism.

ok steemit is not a fair system, not all votes are equal, but to start attacking someone because they are lucky enough to get some reward for over 2 years contribution when they havent done anything to you is a bit out of order in my mind, and probably is not going to help you get reward on this platform...

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These cucumbers look yummy & I feel like taking a bite! I'm also pretty sure these would also be great pickled.


yes i took them early for pickling :-)

@froyoempire, Sir, you are a nob of the highest order.