Interesting Times

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It is interesting watching the drama and moves on the Steem blockchain at the moment. I've started powering down, just in case... although I suspect by the time I get anything it won't be worth anything.

It is disappointing as I've put in some "real money" into steem as well as some time and effort to produce good content. In my mind I thought that having it decentralised would avoid things like this. We'll see how this plays out.

In the mean time, hope you are all well, thank you for the interaction on this (once) fun platform, I might see you on the other side!



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Without the community Steemit is nothing. And that's the good part, the community will stick together, no matter what happens. No one is gonna take this away from us :))

Thanks for all the effort and beauty you put into your posts. So glad I was able to interact with you too. I am still interested in hearing about the photography workshop in Australia when you do it!

Let's hope something good comes out of this somehow.

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