Imagine Series - Image 2 - The Lone Tree

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For a few years I experimented with capturing multiple photos from a location and then layering them on each other, I am still working on a few pieces in a similar style at the moment. Some of these photos are planned out meticulously, gathering source images from many locations and then hours are spent piecing them together. Others I see in my head almost the instant I view the scene. This was one of the latter.

I was driving home from a photo trip and came across this scene and instantly had the end image in my head, it was just a matter of stopping and collecting the images. The main image was the first to be taken, it is the tree, the field and some of the clouds. I then took photos of the rows of wheat, more clouds and some cracked concrete. About 3 hours of work in photoshop and I ended up with this. I have a canvas print of it in my house that is 50" x 50".

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think that tree is no longer there. it was in my way. :)

I don't get it with trees, it's like they have roots and can't move out of the way.

There's such beauty in these kinds of 'empty' shots - lovely. Gorgeous tones and grunge as well :D I have a folder with 'Lone Tree' shots, I should dust it off!

Lone tree on the grassy knoll.

I quite like them too.

looks like its printed on rice paper... neat effect.

Thanks :)