Veteran's Overlook - Tazewell, TN

in photography •  6 months ago







Last week my mother, @sueulrich, and I went to visit one of her friends in Tennessee. On the way back we were able to stop to take some pictures overlooking the Cherokee Reservoir from Veteran's Overlook. I grabbed the first 4 shots using my Mavic Pro while the last were taken with a Canon SX500.

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Nice Picture patrickulrich ! :D
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It was an awesome day with you and my friends. Thank you so much for the beautiful trip.


I thoroughly enjoyed myself momma! I look for to our next trip.

the picture is very beautiful👍i miss this kind of flags 😏


Thank you very much @marisha20! :)

Some Breathtaking shots from the top there you had an awesome time there lovely pics thanks for sharing your experience :)