Why I Love The Golden Hour Of PhotographysteemCreated with Sketch.

in #photography3 years ago (edited)

Right in time before the sun goes completely away, snapped these couple of images with a Canon 6D and a Sigma 50mm Art Lens,

I love the Golden Hour!

Patrick Sternkopf Photography-3-4.jpg

Patrick Sternkopf Photography 35.jpg



Wow. These are amazing!!!

that first photo is pure magic - voted and following

Thanks for the kind feedback! Following as well.

Love the Sigma Art lenses!

i know, the performance and value in them makes them just as great as the Canon L lenses, if not maybe a bit better!

Agreed, maybe better!

Very peaceful one. Thank you :-)

It was very peaceful. :)

Great to find the peace in photography work. It could be very enjoying as well ;)

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