If I had one Steem every time someone has said this to me...

in photography •  last year

Street Art Toronto.JPG

...I'd be a cryptomillionaire! What is it about some people that when they see someone else trying to make a change in their life, they often judge, discourage or ridicule them?

Photo is my own, Queen Street West, Toronto.

My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4X7oL7eiePoVP3oJHQ-mbQ

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Do people say that often? No one's ever said that to me


I guess it depends on one's environment. I know too many judgemental brown people.


Very true :) I keep my inner circle small

Changing is quite troublesome for many people since many just don't do it. Finding the motivation to change is one thing. Actually doint it is another thing. Lot's of people stay too inactive and are eventually unable to change at all. They might judge others cuz they don't dare to do it themselves.


Yes, making a change is hard, but then when you are met with a 'why are you doing that though?' or 'what's the point?' that can very discouraging to the person that has actually built up the courage to do something different or make a change.


Discouraging might be thing these people actually want to do. I'm not talking about them being evil and want bad for you. But without realizing, you sometimes try to make it harder for someone else when the thing they do is what you can't do. For example, when I don't pass an exam, I (this sounds evil I know) serectly wish my friends to have failed, too. Of course I want them to passed. But I didn't so without realizing, it would be relieving if I wasn't the only one. Now bring this to changing. Sometimes, people don't want you to get further in life without wishing bad for you.

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