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I hope you enjoyed Part One The Micro World where I shared photos of things small.

About Me:

I have a love for photography, largely of the natural and living world.

My preferred way to take photos is in completely manual mode, where I can adjust the Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO mainly to get the desired effect.

I also pride myself on WISYWIG Photography (What You See Is What You Get), in other words, I don’t use any post-processing with software.

So I hope you enjoy Part Two, titled The Natural World.

Standing Free

naturalWorld #2.jpg
On Google Photos

To this day, I do not know how I captured this photo. It was taken at 1pm on a sunny day, with no flash. Instead, the shutter speed was only 1/250th of a Second, with the ISO pretty much off.

Cold and Sharp Beauty

naturalWorld #1.jpg
On Google Photos

Photo of a rock at the beach I thought was interesting. Very sharp to touch and look at. But still feels tranquil.

Beauty in a Thorny Home

naturalWorld #3.JPG
On Google Photos

I quite enjoy the colour burst of this photo, the high depth-of-field showing off the shiny leaves on a thorny exterior. Beautiful but harsh.

Mystical Sunset

naturalWorld #4.JPG
On Google Photos

This photo I love, was a beautiful sunset, and I managed to capture it peeking through bushes. Low shutter time and ISO really helped to bring this one to life.

Universe in a Sea Slug

naturalWorld #5.jpg
On Google Photos

I have always loved this photo, the simplicity and beauty of nature. I have stared at this one for so long, how it seems to have galaxies within itself. Like its infinitely small but at the same time infinitely big.

If you like any of the photos, you can access the higher resolution versions through my provided image url’s.

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