Some bushveld life that appeared on our first day!

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A European Starling!
We visited a game lodge in the bushveld last week, courtesy of a friend and upon our arrival here are some of the first visitors that we had! South Africa is also famous for, apart from the sunny weather, beaches and mountains, for its nature and some amazing animals and birdlife.
But, let me show you some of sightings!

Groundscraper Thrush.


Guinea Fowl.

Many Guinea Fowls on a house roof.

Guinea Fowls preening and preparing for the night!

Pure bushveld, where predators can lurk behind, or inside every tree.

A typical bushveld sunset!

Whenever I end up anywhere in the bush on a visit, I have a simple way about me, as I am in bed at sunset and up in the morning to listen to the daybreak caller about an hour before sunrise! At first it is lonely and a loud call that gradually increases to a cacophony of sound as the other birds join in.

The bush is a place where one can find oneself, as it's silence can lead to much introspection. The first call is to keep one's eyes and ears open to try and understand the teeming life in the bushveld, as nature offers many lessons to one's personal problems, most notably patience and endurance!

There are only a few animals that have no enemies and the rest have had to perfect a way of survival. Fortunately the skills are passed on through the generations and they take flight at the first inkling of danger. These same skills rest in our hearts, but we insist on being lead by our brains. We then walk into blunder after blunder and sadly many never learn the art of allowing their hearts to take the lead in their lives'.
Hope you enjoyed the post!

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You have rightly said Africa's natural beauty enhances beauty on all the great African birds and the sea, and tourists can enjoy many fun here.


Totally agreed and glad that you see the value for tourists in a visit! Blessings!

What a lovely getaway. I'm glad to see you managed to snap some great pics of what you love photographing, beautiful birds.

I'd love to do a proper bushveld holiday oneday.

Let me not forget to mention the wonderful description about following your heart. It seems you've had plenty of time to relax, reflect and just enjoy the beauty of life.


You replies always make a lot of sense and thank you for the support! Should you ever wish to visit the real bushveld, give me a shout! As far as my thoughts go, nature holds a treasure of lessons and I like to combine her wisdom with my posts! Blessings to you and yours!

wow, amazing another great photo. I just enjoy looking at all your photos @papilloncharity!! You are just so so talented with the camera.


I like to take photos of what I see my friend and God has given me the ability to look a little bit deeper at ordinary things. All life have something extraordinary about it! Blessings!


Blessing to you and your family as well.

I am enjoying your post again. Does your Guinea Fowl smokes a cigar?
Funny birds. I used to have some for a couple of years. Very much I liked their call and a bit nervous and shy features, but very seldom we could find their (our breakfast) eggs.
Your starling- what a personality! Have a nice WE.


And may you also have a great WE my friend! Glad you liked the post and sadly, I have never seen a fowl with a cigar! Just as well, as they will burn the place down! They are certainly very careful creatures! Blessings!


Not sure If you got my joke. Your picture of that single fowl looks like a cigar smoking bird :-)


Apologies my friend, a bit slow this side! BTW he is eating a hardened piece of toast, but you are right as it looks like a cigar! We don't feed them fresh bread, as its not good for their stomachs and the bread was specially made for birds. Blessings!

Bushveld life, look down (don't step on snakes), look into trees (leopard may be watching you), look up (sky is falling... LOL not quite but you never know).

Thanks for the beautiful bird photography shares again @papilloncharity


I enjoyed your post about the Oribi Gorge today Lady Joan! My uncle was attacked by a leopard in a dry river bed and as a child, I used to be fascinated by the scars on his limp shoulder. He was saved by one of the servants that wielded an axe and later they tracked the wounded leopard to put him out of his misery! Thank you for the kind words! Blessings!

Wow, how's that sunset! What an awesome sight to see at the end of an adventure!


Thank you Lady @sweetpea and it was indeed a priveledge to snap the great daily sunsets! Much more to come, but first I had to deal with my version of a "Celestial message" in today's post! Blessings!

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Thank you and upvoted to help your cause!


Oops, there is no "vote" section on your comment?

Thanks for the mini trip to the bushveld, @papilloncharity! Like you, I enjoy the simple rhythm of a bushveld stay. Up in the morning as the bush wakes up, to bed early in the evening as the bushlife hunkers down for the night. No worrying about time - decisions driven by the weather and where the sun is in the sky. During the day, time in the bush teaches me to see beyond what my eyes are seeing, to see what is hidden. So many profound life lessons available in the bush!


We are of the same mind and your reply says it all! Nature is eager to teach and she will always reveal herself to those with eyes to see! No rush, no fuss and only to listen to the sounds of silence! I thank you for the kind comment Lady @kiligirl and blessings to you and yours!