Latest Obsession: Rose Hard Cider!

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I love beer, however drinking too much of it can cause weight gain. I was introduced to this awesome drink at a @dlive meet up in Manhattan, NY! Ever since I had this drink I have been going everywhere taste testing new Rosé Ciders. I have been in North Carolina the last few days and stayed in a trendy town home Air Bnb close to a lot of bars located in Downtown Raleigh. However, there is a beer garden not too far from us, and they have the worlds largest selection of beer. What I wasn’t told was that they have various Rosé Ciders to choose from. They were all so tasty, some sweet and others sour.

So far this has been the best tasting Rosé Cider bottle that I’ve had. I really don’t like the Angry Orchard, too sweet for me, however a good choice. Let me know in the comments below if you guys have had a taste of my newest summer obsession!

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Where have you been girl!?

🙈 been working on a few other things! Took a break although I shouldn’t have haha, but you know, life.

Yeah, can't relate, I have no life outside of Steemit 😂😅 But glad to have you back!

I should of known that there is nothing out there that’s better than steemit!!

Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

que bien mi hermosa ami me encanta también !

I have to try that

Yes! For sure :)

And now I'm thirsty. Have to buy me some cyder.

Well with that beer of such beautiful color, invites us to take a break and toast for the beauty of life. I am not a lover of very sweet drinks, either, because they are cloying. Very good presentation and excellent shot. After a productive day, nothing better than savoring a rich and beautiful beer, to your health. @paolajane

I just follow you and I love your post!

I like beer too!
Greetings from Venezuela

Greetings, so great to have you! :)

I was just thinking about you yesterday .. and how you haven’t posted in a while.... I’m not a fan of beer ... but as a wine lover ... and I love drinking rosè.... I think I’ll give it a try .

WOW you noticed haha thank you for keeping updated :) it means alot to me <3

Your welcome .... I enjoy your posts :)

looks so refreshing... wanna it right now!

Its perfect for an afternoon outdoors!

I'm so happy to be a follower of yours!

Hope we can meet at SteemFest³- Kraków in November :)

So awesome to have you here!! Thanks for being a follower, I've been keeping tabs on you!
I don't think I can make it but maybe at a different event ?

I’m sure we’ll meet sometime soon in a different steem related event :)