sunset over Brum 4

in photography •  2 years ago 

Have I just not been looking outside my window....captured another mezmerizing few minutes last night or was it seconds



I need to get away more from this damn screen !

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Congrats @pamfrench. Your photo made it on the Top Photographs Daily Selection today :). Upvoted and Resteemd!

Thank you very much for that , following

beautiful photography I must admit, you know your way round a camera, great post. @pamfrench

thank you @hokieu , I think I have just been lucky to be there when the sunset changed colours, and definitely need to open my eyes to the outside than just watching the tele in the evenings.

Lovely skies there......on getting away from the screen, sounds like my other half - he watches the weather forecast on when it's happening outside!

I don't normally go outdoors after 7pm , just slouch in front of tele.
But had to answer the door and saw this red haze being reflected in the houses up the road , and just got mezmerised and walked outside and it was beautiful.


Those are magical relaxing colours