After a long time I went out to explore ?

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After a long time I went out to look for things that was very good to see

There are so many good days to watch Islam today in Islam, everyone wants to pray for me.You all pray for me so that I can keep it on the ground for a long time in Istanbul

Tom can forget the common man, you can give your new new and new things, so everyone will pray for me.
Poetry is a million dollar picture in Istanbul, if you like the pictures, then definitely me
I have a lot of happiness in Istanbul on the ground for a long time. I pray you can have 475 version in 2010 Aslam today in 2018


How did this year of life be spent in Istanbul, I could not understand the water today, I can understand today that in fact many days of life has been lost in Istanbul's ground
How did these days of life ever come to an end? I never realized that one year from this life would be cut off in Istanbul's ground. Today, today it seems as if I've been a pillar chart,
How long should I have to stay in Istanbul, please stay in the ministry as long as I live in Istanbul, I'm going to eat on the ground. Help me with a little help me in the comments box below. Tell me to comment on the picture, definitely I am able to comment if you are I must advertise hd video news update price
Seeing my picture, you may feel happier and enjoy the new pictures I will give you
And photography is not new to me, how do I work, how do I work, I'll get you the cooperation, so friends will finish here today, everyone will be good

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