Photography in the Ottoman Empire

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The first professional photography studio in Ottoman Empire was founded in 1845 by Italian brothers Carlo and Giovanni Naya. But before that lots of european photographer took some pictures of İstanbul. Some of the principal photographic studios were operated by Greek Christians and Italians, as well as by photographers of Armenian descent such as Pascal Sebah, Polycarpe Joaillier and the court photographers Abdullah Frères. It always affects me really deeply when I look old photographes and faces. I hope you like these old ones. You can see some of the photographs of istanbul.


1884 istanbul.jpg






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Wow thats great research, thanks for sharing some history. I love history. Take a look at my post, I love photography and life. Let me know what you think. Thanks x @diljeetdil


Thanks for your nice reply :) I love historical photographs.


Good, Im looking forward to your next post.