Woman's Lips Flowers Somewhat Amazing

in #photography6 years ago

Hello friends steemians....
Today I will share with you other pictures of a plant that caught my attention because of its great resemblance to Red Lips.

This plant is known as Psychotria Elata, it is also affectionately called "woman's lips" and I had the opportunity to see it on Good Friday while I was on my way to a country house for a walk and obviously as you know I am a lover of plants and I was not going to miss this opportunity to photograph them :D

Over the years this plant has evolved to its present form to attract the attention of pollinators such as butterflies and hummingbirds. After a while, however, the shape of the perfect red lips is deformed so that a new sprout can emerge from the centre.

This wonderful plant occurs in countries such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador.

Photos Taken By The Author With An Alcatel Pixi Cell Phone 4-6 inches



Wow! Cool plant. Looks almost photoshopped.

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