The dog is the perfect portrait subject.

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Hi there everyone! This here is some pictures of my beloved very strong willed Siberian Husky whose original name was Sylvanas Windrunner named from my favorite person in a video game I played WoW (World of Warcraft) but the nickname that I made a joke about saying I should of named her Sylvie because of Sylvanas can be Syl and it looked like silver/white looking tips on the end of her fur so my mind related Vie to ver and then the nickname Sylvie caught on. Her registered name was Sylvanas Windrunner... and she could run like the wind!

I hope you enjoy these photos and here soon I'll post some of her as a puppy. She was the cutest!

Down laying next to my computer tower because she constantly stayed at my feet!

Laying out in the backyard when she was let outside to do her thing and chill.

Sylvie coming back from the vet where he had shots, bath, brushing and being beatified!

Doing what she did best just chilling out like she owned the place... Always wanted to be included and believed she was human too!

Last but not least her beautiful look she gave when a person had her full attention... usually when someone had something she wanted like a piece of cheese. LOL

Talk about one SMART dog that was good at out smarting others and getting her way. With those big blue eyes she knew she had things under control and used it to her advantage!


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Although it was once illegal to keep dogs as pets in Iceland's capital city, the laws have been relaxed.


@dogfact - thanks for sharing such an interesting dog factoid that I did not know also thanks for the comment!

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He is a very good subject.

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