Cheeky Morrigan - pictures of my Princess Morrigan when she was super cute and only 5.

in #photography6 years ago (edited)
Let me love you a little more before you're not my little Princess Morrigan anymore...

Once Upon a Time my little Princess Morrigan loved Hello Kitty and was into the color pink and she'd let you take pictures of her all day if you wanted.  I found these beautiful pictures of Morrigan I took one sunset evening in January 2009.  The sunset lighting was just perfect if you asked me and added so much to the photos.  

Then she became a moody teenager that no longer likes the color pink and hardly wants her pictures taken but oddly still likes Hello Kitty.  Today she is hyper critical of all her pictures past and present.  Even when she was y younger and beyond cute she manages to find something wrong tho I know she's fishing and I never agree with her.  

Finally a older picture of Morrigan and I that just so happens to be one of my favorites pictures of her and I together.  I really miss when she was little like this.   

Please cherish the simple moments and your children while you can.  They grow up so fast.  It seems like yesterday Morrigan was this size and now she is 14 and acts like she's 25.  Oy vey I just want to keep her little!

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She is very cute. And your right they grow up so fast. Enjoy it while you can.

Nice daughter! Nice to have such beautiful pictures of your children. I hope i can have nice pictures of my children too, but i am pretty shure i will because i have a nice camera. Only the children are still not there.

Give it some time​ and maybe shortly​, ​you will have children there!Let's​s hope so at least!

Morrigan is beautiful​ just like her mother! Practically twins you two.

That's​ me! xX

your girl looking like a cute doll
Love you princess...<3

Aww, thanks so much @flora.lori!

@ozhiya Such a great article & nice photography
##Upvote/Resteem###like and shear

cute girl.. girls grow quick mentally, I've learned to live with that. By 16, they are already adults in teenage bodies

Oh, you don't have​ to tell me anything... I think​ they are already that when they hit 13.

Just gorgeous! Nice golden hour picture and just beautiful sunlight

Thanks, @stacee! I find a ​sunset to be one of the most complimenting lights for a person...

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