How kitesurfer babies are made

in photography •  6 months ago

These photos were taken by my friends Rick and Alize, and published with their permission.
They are kiteboarders in our community in North Carolina. Their son, Sunny is a beautiful healthy boy.
I hope you enjoyed this educational photo series, and be careful not to over inflate.

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That was creative and funny. It will make them laugh ever time looking at them

What's a pumping babies on here


lol, very nice. Congrats

Hello, blessings for the baby, beautiful photo album.
I invite you to see my new photo album
Woodpecker who lives in my house. regards

This is easy, but they have to keep on pumping for 10 months, ha ha


To be more precise 38 weeks 😏


Your friends are really creative and have great planning ahead for their family.

Hi @ourdailyboard
Exquisite photography.
I am new in this community and just learning photography, please help me to be like you

super creative those photos...

my foto


my foto

One of the best pregnancy sequence pictures I've seen! Awesome!


thanks. They are a very artistic and creative family.