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Just a beautiful moment that I wanted to share with you!

In one of those very rare days off work, I managed to get a few moments of relaxation and for I change (!!) I put on a mask and a snorkel and went for a swim at the Schoinias bay in the Marathon area.
After a few minutes of swimming around I bumped into this beautiful buddy that kept me company for about 45 minutes.


I swam by her for quite some time and she just let me be there always making sure that she sets the limits of the distance between us!

Sea turtles are amazing creatures that feed on different animals such as mollusks, echinoderms, small fish but also sea grass, algae and most importantly they eat jelly fish making our lives on the beach a bit safer and more comfortable!

At the same time though, this poses a great threat to them since our plastic bags look dangerously close to jelly fish making them one of the biggest reasons responsible for the death of many sea turtle daily around the world.


So, keep our seas and oceans clean and if you're lucky enough, maybe during one of your summer swims, you will be fortunate enough to witness the grace and beauty of one of the most beautiful sea creatures you will ever see!



P.S. All pictures were taken with a GoPro 4 HeroSilver

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