❄️This morning ❄️📸

in photography •  last year  (edited)

This morning outside my windows.

-9C outside. ❄️

No wind. Some sun.











[click on pics for a full size, to see the details]

All shots made by myself ~30 min ago (02.03.2018) with Olympus E-M1 MarkII & 12-40mm F2.8, M.Zuiko lens

All my followers in Africa and SE Asia , What do YOU think of this???


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Snow pie :D niammm :D

  ·  last year (edited)

Yeahhhh, this terrace table is working as perfect snow-meter for us, isn't ?


i like your [email protected]

  ·  last year (edited)

Puikūs kadrai! !originalworks

Omg.....amazing snow steps frozen on the bench area. It looks like a icing floor of the cake. Fantastic creativity and very low temperature. I feel freeze.

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Thanks for your resteem @kingsberry. That is the best way to support someone you follow. :)

very heavy snowfall there i can't believe it still never seen this much ice in my entire life

Super photos 👍❄️📷

wow Sir after a few weeks of time I see your posts again today... Hope you are doing well...
The beauty of winter season in Lithuania
Today I see the beauty of winter Sir... Stunning photography & a brilliant effort there too Sir... Your country is so beautiful Sir...thank for resteem.....


Thanks for your resteem @supika90

That is very very beautiful photography . it is cool . thanks for sharing.
Thanks sir this post
Have a great day


Thanks for your support @goldcoin

Nice winter, but in Russia we now have -23C outside)))


Oh yeas, we know. In Russia you do things your different way. Like this

And this is NOT PhotoShopped !

  ·  last year (edited)

@onealfa amazing photography man....the snow on rails and on car looks awesome...the photographs litreally talks...thankyou...
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Thanks for your RESTEEM @monisnasir

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.
Clicks was awesome , loved it 😊.

  ·  last year (edited)

Fully agree with you @jayed007 photos are one way of self expression

impressive photography of your garden. -9c means truly frozen. @onealfa

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Thanks for your RESTEEM @resteemia

very amazing sir @onealfa whether you use the same camera as beforeand with notice setting your camera will I practice on dslr Nikon D7200 with standard Lens (18-105)because it is in a snowy position. the shots appear without noise- let me learn it-wish it could be your students let me further developthank you


Yes, the same camera. Today I even did not bother with manual settings - all went full-AUTO. Sometimes it works, and worth of saved time


in Indonesia is rather difficult in enlightenment
because the weather is rather warm and slightly sunny
never stable sometimes have to use softbox
sometimes flash lights

Great Photos!
It looks very similar here in NY right now.
Steem on :)

That is amazing location and excellent camera shots. great experience
100% like and resteem


Thanks for your RESTEEM @stmit

-9 is quite ok already. I was visiting my parents a few days ago it was -28 in the morning... and windy so it felt like -60 damn it...


Yep -28C is ....brrrr...
Especially with wind. This season the lowest here I think was -22C . Maybe -24


Yeah, anyway, it is over!

Wow this is wonderful photography and nice look.
Upvote Resteem


Thanks for your resteem @shavishtha

"-9C outside"- unbelievable weather condition yet @onealfa. Whole have been environment while coloring. Remarkable decorations of snow.
upvote/ Resteem.


Thanks for your resteem @dragonking

Wow fantastic photography.
Resteem Service


Thanks for your resteem @minoservice

Nice Photographs.Resteemed.


Thanks for your resteem @saikr

We don't have snow here but I always love to see snow photos. I must be so cold out there without jacket or something.

I agree, we have the same weather today, it sure is beautiful.

As usual, I have resteem


Thanks for your resteem @yusfriadi

Your pictures make me appreciate winter more!


I am glad if it does :)

The weather has been so on and off this year . The winter was mixed with spring weather and severe weather in NYC .


Thanks for your support @journeyoflife


No problem !

@onealfa - Sir snow... I have never seen in real life & never experienced how cool it is... But I see how beautiful it is via your photography...


  ·  last year (edited)

Amazing place sir. Just looking awesome 👌

Totally area under the snow uff.. Looking just a pretty place.

Thanks for share us such a nice photos of this amazing place.

wow it's looking so cool outside the window @onealfa and you shot awesome Photography thank u for sharing this Really awesome Photography with us.


It's good to hear someone likes it

Wow amazing photography...outside of your windows scenery is wonderful...i love your photography....

Wow, your pictures are fantastic. It is cold but it creates beautiful scenarios. I hardly remember the last time it snowed here.

simple snow turned into an artwork by this photography right there.

The most recent a view of turkey is really cold here :)

The best post, I feel like to enjoy this kind of situation.

really great photography and nice look. have a nice day

wow its go beautiful

There was a lot of snow covering everything outside. But there is its own beauty. Hopefully there is a change. "the wind and the sun" Bless you

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wow nice picture..it like a painting sir..different colours add beauty to it :)
very colourful..i totally agree with you..nature is the best artis..i like it,,thanks for sharing

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omg @onealfa take care so much cold i see

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wonderful photography. but weather very cool.

It's soo beautiful. I am living in Berlin right now and it is suuper cold every day, but sadly now snow at all.
Thanks for sharing

nice look to capture

nice photography

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my mind is blown away damn i can't even think about it damn take care

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OMG its really excellent photography outclass look

Where is here ? İt looks so cold. But photos looks very beautiful.


Vilnius, Lithuania, Europe

That's lovely! It's snowing in Romania too. I wish we had snow during christmas / new year eve. :)

wow! great Post!
snow here and there! allover!
I love it.

nice view, nice photo, feeling cold

Looks wonderful! And -9 is so warm )))) for russians. But I understand that for you it is absolutely uncomfortable condition. Take care!

Good post, and good pictures.
Upvote and follow
my congrats

very useful for me, hopefully all also like what is in this extraordinary post

Hey I just resteemed this awesome post! I love your pictures very much . I live in highriver alberta, canada. We got snow dumped too. Look it up. Im amazed that even Europe is getting that much snow. I will vote on this once my voting power is at 100% then you can bank off my vote! 😊

Awesome profile im following

Sincerely your fan,
Josh Leavitt

Untouched nature, excellent!

Its amazing, I have never seen its in my country, because my country only two season, I live in indonesia,and perfects photography. greeting respect from me in steemit .. 😊😊😊