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Camera : E-M1MarkII
Lens : 12-40mm F2.8

Photo by @onealfa


great timing .
photography is very tough work. It takes lots of efforts to take a single shot and you prove it with every new photograph taken by you @onealfa big fan of your talent. keep posting.


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Thanks for re-bloging. I did.

u welcome

Great shot. Wonderful colour in the buildings which beautifully contrasts with the sky.
The sharp angles of the houses contrast with the softness of the clouds.
All in all great photography.

Thanks for kind note

oh i loved this shot !!

not a bad shot

Nothing beats a camera with a bright sunny day
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Thanks so much for re-steeming. I'll do something to u too :)

great shot (Albert)

Great photo my friend!


Wow, amazing :)

Following you so I can see the rest of your shots!

Superb! What time of the day was it? You should sell these. Can you buy your work online? Upvoted

Thanks. Time ~11 AM, 2.5 h before the local noon ( by sun)

Wow, great shot!

stunning shot