back to the roots | part 1

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In summer '16 I visited my homeland Russia for the first time again after living in Austria for 10 years and not visiting my family there for 5 years. Yeah time flies and 5 years go by without you even noticing it.

DSC09382 (3).jpg

My mum and my best friend went with me and it was an adventure of a kind. We first flew to Moscow. As the ruble is struggling we could get a hotel 10 min from the Red Square for crazily cheap. My mum managed to flood her room, because they turned of the water, what happens in mother Russia stays in mother Russia. Now I wish I would have taken a picture of it.. Later on my Stepdad joined us for couple days. So here we are, all together.


We had a wonderful time and I would love to go back there this summer. Moscow has a lot to offer, starting with stunning buildings that will tell you interesting stories about Russian history. At the Red Square alone you can spend almost 3 days and still would not be done exploring all the musiums, churches and history buildings. For the department store GUM you probably would need one day alone, with it luxury stores and nice restaurants.




Especialy in summer the city is decorated wonderfully and it's fun to just walk around, explore and find new places to eat at every day.



The Moscow International Business Centre (MIBC), also known as Moscow City is a commercial district in central Moscow and definitly a must go to as well. You can even go up a tower and enjoy the view on moscow from above.



In part 2 I will tell you on how we went on a trip with the train to St. Petersburg and on how me and my best friend went back to Moscow on our own, visited museums, met new friends and discovered the creative side of the city.


More to come. Wherever you might be. Until then I wish you a wonderful day. Or a good night.

Love, Olga


how nice to return home, after a year. memories, a sense of satisfaction. really want to see your photos from St. Petersburg!

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