an incredibly wild road trip in the states

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Because of work I was being able to spend time in the states a couple months during summer, which I am very grateful for. It was a great experience. A friend of mine was in the US, too. So she decided to visit me and we took a road trip to Utah and Arizona.


First we went to see the Zion National park and driving through Nevada and Utah was incredible. The scenery you see there is breathtaking especially when you are from Austria and are used to green nature and the Alps.


The park itself actually reminded us a little bit of home, with its green trees and mounty like scenery.



We also went horse riding because my friend has her own horse and enjoys it. I’ve never been on a horse before, so for me this was a very different experience. Even though we came late to our ride, because we didn’t think of the time difference.. You can drive for 12 hours in Europe and you would still be in the same timezone. So, that was a funny lesson to learn. But in the end we were able to do it anyway, gladly.



The hole Park is huge and you find stunning views no matter where you go. We didn't make it to the Angels Landing Veiwpoint, what is known being amazing. But we have seen other wonderful spots there.



While driving we found this little animal farm that was designed like a little town. I love that so much, when you discover random places while traveling. We both love animals, so we got some carrots and feed the lamas.





The next day we were driving to the Antelope Canyon and to see the Horseshoe which you can read more about in part two, which is coming soon.


Wherever you might be. Until then I wish you a wonderful day. Or a good night.

Love, Olga


IMO - Arizona and Utah by far has one of the best scenic landscapes in the US! Great pics Olga 📸

Thank you so much! If not even one of the best in the whole world ;)

Hey thanks for sharing! This looks sooooo amazing!

Btw I upvoted and followed you :) Highly appreciated if you follow me :)

Hey thank you so much! Followed you back :)

Hi, this is nice post, I have an advice, you should just add some more information about trip, and add some more landscape and nature photos. Best regards (:

Thank you so much, this is a really great feedback! I'll edit it later tonight 🙂

Wow! Thanks for the view 😉

Thanks! I just uploaded the blog entry of the trip. Just letting you know, in case you want to check out more nice views 😄

to be honest, I actually looked at your ass :)

Zion National park is one of my favourite places, incredible landscape out there. I never made it to Antelope Canyon on my visit, hope to get back there eventually.

Yeah it is magical! You really have to go to the antelope canyon some time, the scenery there is unbelievable :)

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