Teal and Orange | Costa Rica

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Recently I have been enjoying editing my photos with the teal & orange look. I especially like it for tropical photography as it makes the blue color a bit dreamy and adds this artsy look to the pictures. I apply my Teal & Orange preset in Lightroom and then play around with HSL to adjust the blues and greens until I get the result I want.

What do you think of the result Steemit? Adding the original photo for comparison.

Sony a6000 SEL 18-200, Playa Escondida, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Playa Escondida edited

Costa Rica Playa Escondida original unedited


Amazing place!

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Teal & orange is my favourite style at the moment.
Congratulation mate :)

Thanks! 🤗

I like the teal and orange. It is really dreamy looking. I feel it gives it a nice kind of vintage look. Like something you would see in a travel sign like "Come to Guatemala!" or something you would see on road signs in the 50's or something. With the palm trees coming outside of the box of the sign so they stick out some.

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