Spider Monkeys in Tikal

in #photography5 years ago

Didn’t know I would enjoy wildlife photography, now I want a proper zoom. I was so fortunate to see around 50 of those amazing creatures 🐒 jumping the tree tops right above me looking for fruits. This one stopped for a second to pose for me and turned out pretty good 🐵 One of them was jumping right above me when a branch broke and had I not moved in the last moment, it would fall right on my head.

Below them on the ground there were raccoons everywhere I could see, hundreds of them, picking up the fruits that the monkeys dropped. All this right in the middle of an ancient Mayan city, which makes it so much more special. Tikal is an amazing experience. Last photo from here I promise. 🙈

I am now back in Panama for a few days before heading to Nicaragua so will have a chance to go through the footage. Last several weeks have been hectic, so many adventures and travelling every third day or so. I got some good beach content from Belize and Mexico next 😜

Tikal Peten Guatemala Spider Monkey

Click on the image to view full screen

Sony a6000, SEL 18-200


"Tikal. Tikal. Tikal....pass it over here now!"

What is that is??! :D

A bet these guys are a lot less annoying than the howler monkeys they have in central America. Man those guys really know how to complain

I like it, they just sound so epic, like dinosaurs are coming or smth 😀

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this is cute! would also love to see some raccoon pics. :)

Will check if I got some good ones 😜

Great photo of the spider monkey. That's got to be quite the scene with 50 of those guys hoping around. Can't imagine that many racoons. Place must look scary at night with a light and all those reflective eyes looking at you! Thanks for sharing @olegnator. Looking forward to seeing the beach content you mentioned! Anymore awesome jungle scenes?

Nice photo :)

wonderful photography. Take this picture below myself.

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