Semuc Champey, Guatemala

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Flying a drone gives one a totally different perspective that we are not used to. That is why I think they gained so much in popularity in recent years. This is something new and fresh to our eyes, something we haven't seen before. This is a picture I snapped at Semuc Champey in Guatemala. As the river forms a canyon and it is in between the two hills, I had trouble with the signal, yet managed to capture some of its beauty.

Now I have enough video footage to hopefully make a nice long movie to show what you can experience in Guatemala, including a volcano eruption filmed by a drone 🤗This country just blew my mind, it is so diverse, with amazing nature and the kindest people. Have you been to Guatemala or want to travel there?

semuc drone 4 full 80 (1 of 1).jpg

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taken with DJI Mavic, Semuc Champey, Guatemala


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This place really looks great and beautiful. I love it.💗💗💗💗💗

Thanks! 🤗

I think Guatemala is a beautiful country, There are a few other central america places that are closer on my visit bucket list such as Nicaragua, Costa Rica or Panama.
Love the photo though, the drone shots are great. A real unique river I think there.

It is a gem for sure, such a diverse country with so many things to see. I will be back for some more advanced stuff like 5 day hiking in the jungle to see big cats and the biggest Mayan pyramid of them all.

Can't wait to see the video footage of Semuc Champey!

Need to get to it, lots of awesome stuff from all over Guatemala, also flying over an erupting volcano 🌋

Que foto tan hermosa..!!

Gracias! 🤗

puffff que lugar tan mágico. Gracias por compartir, es todo un paraíso tropical..!!

Muchísimas gracias! 🤗🤗

olegnator , you came out of nowhere and you are killing it in Steem with stunning content. This truly shows that when one is dedicated success does not take long to follow.

olegnator is a straight shooter and I am glad to see that he continues to give solid advice.

Wow, great feedback, thanks mate! Appreciate it and will crank up the steemit game even more! 🤗

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