Lost Mayan City

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Once I launched the drone in the air I’ve been told it is not allowed in Tikal, so only managed to snap a few quick shots. The main reason is to not disturb the birds, especially in a place like this with many rare and protected species. If you happen to fly close to the nest, they think it is a freak giant bird trying to attack their babies and will naturally try to chase it away.

As I already knew that I flew it really high up and away from the trees which allowed for this perspective on the North Acropolis and the never ending jungle. These ruins are the best I’ve seen so far, also after visiting Chichen Itza in Mexico. I will keep checking out Mayan ruins here on Yucatan, they are just really awesome and all different.

Tikal Guatemala Drone North Acropolis

Click on the image to view full screen

taken with DJI Mavic


I think its cool to see that city stick out in the sea of greens of the rainforest.

It is pretty epic indeed. You can see the similar view from the pyramids and view the sunrise / sunset. Tikal is the best Mayan Pyramids, period.

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