Window Shopping

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We know that the main driving force of modern society is consumerism. If you travel and visit touristic cities and places you can face an even more aggressive form of sales. Especially with souvenirs.

But if you have some self-control and you travel by plane than it's not soo bad. In Arab countries, street merchants are aggressive and pushy and it can be very annoying. In so-called western countries, you can practice window shopping.

In Barcelona, tourism is a big business and on the main street called La Rambla, you can find all kinds of stores or stands.

I just picked a few for you to see how it looks like. This post would be way too long if I would show you all stuff they offering.


You need just an umbrella and camera tripod and you good to go.


Colorful broken tiles are the trademark of the city.


Another important business is football. In States and Canada, we call it soccer. I'm not sure which business is bigger here. Tiles or football.


I'm sure Europeans are familiar with the brand Solingen. Window with knives was much bigger but I liked the one with scissors more and it also doesn't look so aggressive.


These are for all steemit ladies,


and all steemit gentleman.

Don't get me wrong here. We all know that exceptions make the rules.


But when we talking about sweets there are no exceptions.


The stand from Cassa Batllo.


Maybe in a year or two from now, we'll be able to enter this store and pick one.

Who knows? Never say never.


But for now we better fly low.


You should definitely ask your dentist for an advice before entering.

Oh, my friend just called me. His grill is hot and ready. Should I call my dentist and ask him: Sweets or BBQ?

We already know the answer and I always follow his advice.

Just a quick stop at the liquor store and we're ready to go.

Enjoy your weekend, my friends.


Yes, in every country the sales world work in an different way, but all these pictures are amazing because it contains it's own beauty, and i hope and wish that soon you will get that rolex stuff, we have choices in everything, but when it comes to sweets then some times we compromise with choices. But the main aspect of these pictures is, whatever it is we can get and consume that colourful essence, which for sure eye-catching to watch, and the sales field need these kind of eye-catching stuff because the shops should reflect as appealing. Happy weekend to you too and thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

The second pic with all those colorful animals looks very neat.

Did you buy some of those items?

Interesting scenery you got there boss, great creativity your skills in photography is top notch, I really want to learn some techniques from you boss @oldtimer

I would definitely get that colorful elephant, it'll looks cool next to my computer. I would have to do some window shopping with all those sweets, that be a diet breaker lol.

Very happy to have the opportunity to visit a place that sells more beautiful items. You can also wash your eyes despite the temptation to buy everything. Feel enjoyed directly from your camera portrait. Thanks for sharing @oldtimer.

this is a very amazing place, I hope to get there for the holidays, hopefully your trip is fun and always successful yes, I will always follow you.
I will upvote and restem

Lots of interesting stuff, to be sure! I guess I have always been a rather "bad" consumer because I'm quite content to window shop — especially when on holiday — without feeling even the slightest compulsion to "acquire" anything. The same can't be said for food, mind you... Mrs. Denmarkguy and I always have a very generous budget for eating, when we travel. As for "things," they typically consist of an interesting rock or two from the beach!

I could only wish to have a Mrs. like your, hehe.

I really dig that scissor display, such an artistic way to showcase them! I enjoy markets, even ones with pushy vendors. Always cool to bring home a little souvenir, even if it's cheap and sort of kitschy lol

Once i was in Turkey, there was a store selling Original fake watches. WTF!

Very cool umbrella store they have there :))

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