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I woke up late and my day was busy. It's almost evening and here is just a short post for you today.

The vintage cars are not so spectacular here in Ex Yugoslavia and selection is poor. We had just a couple of brands and models available 30 or 40 years ago.

I was still able to find a few.


Here is the famous Yugo.

It looks like his owner was a rally driver.


Zastava 101 is another one from the same factory.


Yugo 45 for everyday use.


Lada from Russia was quite a common car in Yugoslavia.

A model called Niva was a substitute for western SUVs, real gas guzzler. I saw one the other day but I didn't take a shot of it.


It seems like in the remote village live a collector.


The sign on the fence says:

Fresh eggs

I was a bit skeptical with all these roosters, but who knows? Maybe they keep hens inside the chicken coop.


Don't forget. I'm still at the coast.


And here is the extra one for your patience.

See you soon, my friends.

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Your old car is in peace. In which there is a model of every kind.

Nice vehicle photography

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This old cars look cool :) ... I want photography this cars :)

Wow!! Those are some old cars. I’m guessing they have some serious mileage on them. Would be interesting to know their stories. Where they have gone and what they have seen.

Como siempre traendonos una buena publicación @oldtimer. Esos vehiculos antiguos son excelentes y son una parte importante de nuestra historia contemporanea

howdy there oldtimer! wow they need some better vehicles over there! but I guess if you don't have far to travel then it don't matter much.
I like that boat wheel, think of where that's been!

I always wonder what those cars were called .

It is not good to won a gas guzzler, they are often coming from European and American brand of Cars @oldtimer but those coming from Japan are the best when it comes to fuel economy.
But if it can run forever it is still good to use.

Seems like you had a nice trip buddy

While the Bike does looks cool by the way

My first car was actually Yugo. Real mean machine :-)

Hi! I love taking pictures and want to promote your account and to develop it) difficult If you do not come and look at my pictures, if you like it subscribe and rate them) Thank you! You have great pictures!

though you are very busy everyday , you still keep writing your post , come on and always looking forward to seeing your new ones .

These cars brought some childhood memories of Poland.
I remember we had the smallest car (fiat)but it didn't really seem small then, until I moved to Canada and then went back.
Love the motorbike. My uncle also had an older motorbike which he took for a ride in his village, which was awesome.
Thanks for the awesome pictures.

realy nice pictures but the picture of last car parked on the road side in velly looking very good.

Such an awesome post and pictures! I haven't seen a Yugo since I watched the movie Nick and Norah's infinite playlist. I First learned about the car in this movie. I honestly thought it was a VW MK1.

Russian VAZ same Ferrari 😂😂😂