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We have some great weather here in Slovenia, especially for visiting the mountains.

Yesterday I decided to visit a high mountain named Krn.

I went to the store and bought two bottles of water and two Milka chocolates with walnuts. I put some spare clothes in my backpack too.


Krn's western side. This photo was taken in the spring when the snow was still present.


Today at six in the morning I started my adventure from the south side from the parking lot at 950 m above sea level.

The left red line is Krn and the right is Botognica.


The first photo after a half an hour walk.


Sunrise in the mountains is spectacular.

Not on the photo tho.


It's still calm and foggy down in the valley.


After one hour and a half, I was sweating like a: you pick the word for the animal.

The cottage or shelter was a bit closer.


Sheep crossed my path. They were curious but shy.


On the edge of the cliff.


Almost there.


After I passed the shelter there were just 10 more minutes to the top.

In the lower left corner, you can see the line of the barns from the third photo. Just to get the impression of how high I climbed.


Here's the proof.


And the reward. View to the north side of the lake at the bottom and a sip of homemade brandy.


A hint of art.


I was proud of my achievement and then I spotted this pair of domestic sheep grazing on the slope. Crazy!

We, humans, are soo weak and vulnerable.


I marked for you the highest mountain in Slovenia.

We call it Triglav which means three head.


Just a last look to the valley and that's all for today.

It took me three hours of walk to the top. On my activity tracker, it showed I walked 5.3 kilometres and climbed 1300 meters of altitude difference.

Stay tuned for more, my friends.

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I never think that this place is that kind of beautiful and attractive. Keep do sharing this amazing place photography.

This is lovely.

The first takes this spectacular, those mountains and the people in their skirts with signs of the snowfall is like reading a fairy tale, I confess that I never imagined that there were such pure and virgin places to explore because I saw them in the magazine and many times in meeting they were thought to be edited toms, today I am proud to show your excellent work and first hand. The dawn everywhere has its natural beauty, it is more every day in the same place they have different effects, I despite my advanced age, I play to find ways to the clouds together with my granddaughters. Those three hours you walked were very productive for both your body and your soul, I really congratulate and grateful that you share your adventures with your followers, beauty to the fullest, greetings @oldtimer


Thank you for the kind words.

Slovenia I like this place but I've only seen it on TV

Woow you went up there probably you sweated a lot hahaha but it was worth it to get to the top to see such a beautiful landscape


You're right. It was tough and exhausting but well worth the effort.

Wow it really is very very hard to choose which one is the best :)

Yeah seems like the Sheep are insane to be there ;)

The last one was remarkable shot !

Holy Moly! You climbed all the way to the top just to get photos for us? 😉👍I am incredibly impressed! Amazing photos and beautuful views. So glad you remembered the brandy to celebrate your accomplishment!


Actually, I was very lucky to stumble upon an old friend with brandy. I overtook him just a couple hundreds of meters below the top. I carried only water.

Breathtaking photos!

You did it very well, not everyone walks for three hours, it's a long and tired road, but I'm glad you got to the top, you did it. Congratulations

You also managed to capture some very beautiful views surely worth it


Thank you.

Woah, this is extremely cool! Slovenia just blew my mind! Is this where you're originally from?!


Yes, it is. Thanks for stopping by.

Hermoso pais @oldtimer no pudiste haber escogido mejores destinos para disfrutar de tus vacaciones

Welcome my page 😊

It seems to have been a fun day for you
A really wonderful picture

haha sir oldtimer! wow you have to be in great shape to be able to climb that thing, that was amazing! stunning views all around!


I was thinking the same about shape. But the day afterward it's not soo funny, he he.


sir oldtimer! oh no, now I feel bad that you went through all that to get great photos for us and now you're paying the price. but it must help to keep you going right and keep you young?

Breathtaking views! Beautiful landscapes and impressive mountains too! I loved the bright colors which show Nature at its best! Thanks for sharing!


You're welcome. Thank you for the comment.

Amazing scenery and a great exercise :) ever went on top of slovenia?


I never climbed on Triglav.

And now they just took the Aljaz tower to the valley, he he.


Me neither, oh really?

On other hand, I've never been into mainstream stuff, but I will go over 2000m as soon as I find some free time. :)

Well, you totally wowed me with this. I have visited Slovenia in all of its beauty in Ljubljana (and was totally surprised that I could use Italian there!) I went to Bled and some smaller towns that were so very beautiful.

This is the heart of beauty. Thank you for taking us with you.


You're welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

wow such a great adventure. the landscape is amazing! great pictures

Beautiful there! I have no idea how those sheep got there!!! BTW its getting chilly here in Michigan! 45F this morning!

Beautiful view...
Amazing photography..

Wow @oldtimer spectacular climb and spectacular photos. Your training in Dalmatia really paid off

Oh wow! I didn't know Slovenia had such mountains! It looks like Switzerland! Did you have to use any special equipment to climb? It looks rough to me!

I'm so glad that I've found your account! I'm so looking forward to your next photos! I love hiking!


No equipment. Soldiers built the trails for mules a hundred years ago.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

KRN! :) Tudi sam sem ga letos obiskal, vendar z druge strani mimo jezera. Ob 5:30 smo bili že na vrhu (cca okrog 2h smo štartali s koče pri jezeru), želeli smo videt sončni vzhod ... žal nam ni ratalo. Vrh je bil popolnoma v megli :)

Pa mogoče kdaj drugič!