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October is here and it's getting colder. We only have memories to warm us in these rainy fall days.

And photos, of course. Here I prepared some shots from the day we spent on the Island of Korcula.


Isn't it beautiful?


One day I'll......


A peek into a fish restaurant.


Once upon a time.


Let's go surfing.


Street gallery.


Korcula town.


Some flowers for goodbye.

I hope you liked my summer post and that you warmed a bit by it.

Have a great and warm week, my friends.

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such gorgeous architecture and brilliant colors! nice post

it is very beautiful place! thank you my friend

What a beautiful postal

I mean sea and earth driving this ship

really great photos .

sir oldtimer! what a picturesque city to visit. The deep blue color of the sea always amazes me and that photo of the boat could be on the cover of a magazine! wonderful job sir!

Now I'll have to visit Croatia as well! Does 'korcula' have any meaning? It means 'a skate' in Slovak so I just wonder if it's similar. I love the color of the sea and the photo with the boat makes me want to go back on vacation. I wish there would be such street galleries all over the world! Another great photos! Thank you for sharing!

muy bonita esa colección de fotos que comparte con todos nosotros,saludos @oldtimer

I admire your work sr @oldtimer, always showing beautiful images and the imagination rises up to this beautiful place, in my country Venezuela are currently the two climates cold and hot, it is gratifying today to have cold and tomorrow maybe heat

Lovely places and beautiful shots

wow lovely shot

Stunning shots from wonderful Korčula island. I'm missing the summer a lot, it seems you are as well, @oldtimer.

indeed it is friend,great photos my friend specialy the 1rst one with beautiful blue sky!

What a fabulous collection of photos. I was not at all familiar with this island so this was a beautiful, picturesque introduction for me. Thanks for a great post! ❤️🦋🌈🌴💛🍀

Hey @oldtimer once again you have posted an array of photos to please the eye and I thank you for doing so. However, I have to tell you that unlike you I am becoming excited about coming into the summer months. Being as Peru is in the southern hemisphere we are experiencing the spring time of the year at this moment. I will make sure to enjoy the warm weather while you are in the Canadian winter, which I am saying jokingly of course. I have a room mate who is from Canada and I tease him incessantly when he visits there during the winter months. In any case stay warm next to the fire and make sure to keep your bicycle in working condition. You will be riding it in warm weather again before you know it. Enjoy the day.

Beautiful collection of photos!


the ship is beautuful, right!

i also love the funny, tiny oldschool radio :D and the picture with the water looks amazing!

Have a good time, see you.

-edga NOWARGraffitis

Thank you for sharing about this beautiful place...Nice pics

It is true and the cold season is coming and we must prepare for it! On the other hand the photos that you bring us today are spectacular as always, thanks for sharing with us

Summer passed away.

Thank you for the wonderful bright Sunny photos.
Summer holidays are unforgettable.
I wish you warm autumn days now.
And wonderful mood, @oldtimer

So​ beautiful.

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This place is my favorite. I love the Old World feel here.