Streets of Edmonton

in photography •  4 months ago

Since I bought a bicycle my operational range is much wider now. When the weather is good I like to wander on the city streets.

It's a lot of interesting things to see and at the same time, I can get more photos to show you how our city looks like.

Yesterday we had 31 degrees Celsius and it was a perfect day for the ride.

Here are some fresh clicks exclusively for you.


I was pleasantly surprised when I find this fellow on the wall in the sketchy area of the city.


Nice front yard decoration but they could remove the plastic bag first.


Another city animal. It's not in the zoo.


A mid-age clerk lady in her fifties was explaining coworker in the store about her new car. I catch the conversation and heard the word Corvette.

Look what I find later on the staff parking lot.


It's not a cathedral, like in Barcelona but still.

It doesn't matter how the building looks as long as you believe in the cause.


Part of The North Alberta Institute of Technology school or NAIT.


City public transportation.

Light Rail Transit or LRT.


Another grafitti.


Random part of the 118 Avenue.


Say hello to Mootzy and Mickey.

They love spending summer on the balcony.

See you soon, my friends.

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I love your car :)


you have superb photography

photography art so amazing, want it can visit there to travel, hopefully a good day and always make yourself unhappy, thank you for sharing your story today.
I will upvote and restem

This Church looks like the Polish Church taken care by the Oblates.
Nice photos!


I didn't need a proof...I knew it for sure... but thank you for the extra photo @oldtimer :)


You're welcome.

Jeez!!! I never knew you ride a bicycle at this age, well i think it's part of exercise.


You can always ride a bike.

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Really love that crow mural. Hope to get up to Canada some day and enjoy the sights.


You're always welcome.

How much price a bicycle in your country ?
What is the name of the animal in last picture ?


From 200 cad to 3000 cad.
But you can buy a second-hand bike for 100 cad.
These are my sphynx cats in the last photo.

howdy @oldtimer! look at those cats! lol. I think they steal the show but the other photos are all wonderful, thank you for giving a glimpse of the have a good eye for interesting sites sir!


I'm glad you like my cats.


yes sir..I love cats. they're cool and always in charge!

All picture excellent and your car most beautiful.all people your car like me. Zoo always pleasure to me. Becouse here new or old
have many animals. Zoo is a great education for children and their interest in them Here they come to know about various animals, such as the Anakonda snake tiger deer buffalo and many more animals.

You should get that woman's phone, love that car


I didn't think about that at the time. Now it's too late, hehe.

Love the pictures and keep them coming. Hope the good weather keeps up for your bike rides...enjoy


Thank you.

Buenas fotografias nos muestras hoy de tu paseo en bicicleta, se ve que estas aprovechando el buen clima que tienen en estos momentos en Canadá y lo mejor de todo realizas ejercicios mientras cuidas el medio ambiente. Saludos @oldtimer

That looks like an anaconda snake in that zoo hahahaha, well amazing, steemfest 3 is here your camera will have a lot to cover 😁😁😁


The city is amazing but the wall art dragged by attraction the most.

Thank you for showing us around your city I really enjoyed it!


Thank you for showing
Us around your city I
Really enjoyed it!

                 - ecuadorhomestead

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Nice cats, I make it to Edmonton about once a year

Typical Friday night.. don't worry

Nice Photography congratulations

First photo reminds me of Ted Hughes collection ‘Crow’

I like the bird mural it looks like a yellow raven... I think it might interest Mootzy and MIckey too. Interesting views of the city... on a beautiful summer day. The snowmobile mural seems out of place but I'm sure it will make sense sooner than you would like to admit!

I am very happy to have a friend's crow photo. And after a long time your post looked beautiful. I hope you are very good

It shows in the photos The weather so good that towards in the day! The photos are great, I loved the car and the cats are fantastic, thanks for sharing with us :)

Love the raven mural! Looks like a beautiful day!


It was a nice day indeed.