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This morning I went to the town again. For the tourist town, 9 am is still early and the streets were not busy yet.

I chained my bike by the street sign and find a place at the street coffee bar.

Even the double coffee is very small for North American.

But expresso here is strong. Like a poison. Glass of water is a must if you don't want to get the hole in your stomach.

After coffee, I took a walk along the streets of Makarska and here are some fresh shots for you.


Fish tank in the window?

Why not?


Classic Mediterranean street.


Entrance to an old house.


Peek into the local church.


Interesting liquor store.

It was still closed at that time.


Perfect color combination.


Local goodies.

Ham, cheese, brandy, honey, olive oil...


I wish I have had a scooter or at least bike with a basket.


Yet another beautiful facade.

I'm sure you enjoyed my selection as much as I when I was walking the streets.

Oh, and by the way.

I visited a hair salon and finally did my haircut.

The ride back was not so bad. My legs and heart are getting stronger and stronger.

And the swimming pool is very convenient to cool down hot and tired muscles.

Have a great day, my friends.

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After seeing the fish tank art blow my mind that how intelligent people are present around us.


right i agree there are many intelligent people around us


Right i agree there
Are many intelligent
People around us

                 - hassanabid

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

the sky in the last picture is so blue ,nice .

Hermosas fotografias de esas calles; mediterraneas @oldtimer de verdad estas aprovechando muy bien tus vacaciones

Ha ha... coffee "like a poison" but at least the poison it did not effect your photography skills. Such a beautiful town with everything built of stone... really makes you feel grounded. Of course your ride up the hill was easier today because you are getting stronger plus the added effect of an aerodynamic haircut!

Really amazing shots. That “Fish tank in the window” is a lucky discovery for a photographic composition!

I love it. All the beautiful shots of this beautiful walk of Croatia.
So much creativity and beautiful art everywhere.
It's like a painting itself.
I think I would really love Croatia, just by looking at your travels and all those beautiful pictures you shared with us.

Hi @ oldtimer, I love the photos, such old world charm by the look of it. Seriously, is that really a fish tank?

Love this style of post my friend. Love seeing someone else focusing on the real life of a place I've never been before! Thanks for sharing!

I'm still in Kiev, waiting for my Ukrainian girlfriend to finish up her job in end of October, then off to Krakow for steemfest. You're not going are you? After that I continue living Travel Pro! lol But this time with a companion. Two backpacks are better than one! lol

Hope you are well. -Dan

Hello how are you? a very early bike ride is good for your body and along the way you bring us such good photos, if you try the venezuela coffee you will surely fall in love we have a very good coffee

The fish tank in the window will be a cloth?

I really like the photo of the church

good morning friend! enjoy traveling!

That liquor store has an awesome outside presentation. Local goodies listed on the table are all great delights, ... schnapps, cheese, prosciutto, olive oil, sweet dessert wine, honey ...

street photography is one of my passions. versions that can be counted as documentary photographs, especially if you are on your share!
This is a really hard work. perspective and style. all the photos are very valuable. congratulations :) I would like to stop in these streets and photograph very much.

The pictures are beautiful, I love how cozy you see the streets especially to give rides and know a little more about that place, I would love to see more pictures like that! Thank you for sharing

the images are indeed really beautiful

beautiful street photography perfect shotss 😍😍

beautiful shots ❤ nice tones 😊 good work📷 well-observed, nice colors.

Hello friend, I would like to see how you stayed after the cut, hair images of the classic streets, I love it because it is like remembering that time stopped, and my mind takes me to relive these streets only with drawn carts with horses. All the beautiful images and the fish tank very curious. After a good walk, nothing better than a pool, follow the enjoyment @oldtimer