Sand Castle In Edmonton

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Maybe you didn't know but Edmonton in Alberta is also known as a festival city.

It offers residents and visitors many unique festivals and special events throughout the year. The city hosts a lot of sports events, entertaining music and film festivals, and celebrations of food and culture from around the world.

Whyte Avenue is a historic street where a lot of events take place. On the exact same spot where they built ice sculptures in the winter, the different artist built the sand sculptures this time.


These castle towers with the blue sky is a good choice for the first photo.


Alberta is a landlocked province which means we don't have the sea.

Who says we can't have wave surfers?


But we have a lot of lakes and this scene is quite often on lake shores.

Even an artist got inspiration in it.

20180701_135523 (2).jpg

Here are some statystics in case you're interested.

20180701_135444 (2).jpg

Sandy animals were a real magnet for kids.

20180701_135553 (2).jpg

The name of event carved in the castle's wall.

20180701_135406 (2).jpg

I guess the sand couldn't suport the shapes of Pamela Anderson and artist decided for this lady instead.

Strong and firm.


Seahorse in Alberta.


And here is the whole castle.

That's all for today. I hope you find my post interesting.

Heads up my friends, Crypto space is in green again. Fingers crossed.

Have a great week.

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Wow! You did a great job capturing the work of some amazing sand artists. I am chuckling because I think of sand and warm weather. Everyone is walking around in coats.

Thanks for sharing a bit of your adventure today. Until the next time our paths cross.

all this pictures are very beautyful .. very nice click friend..

Well it's quite an amazing place to visit and these sand statues are looking damm creative,and iam also wishing to see a bull run soon ✌️😃

Wow. Those sand castles are off the hook!

It is an eye-candy for the people who visits these places. i wonder why the artist there chose a fat lady other than a much eye-pleasing sexy woman LOL. @oldtimer

excellent photography!

howdy there @oldtimer! I'd love to see these thing being crafted by the artists, I wonder how long it takes?
fantastic photos sir!

Sand building artists really took their art to the next levels in these last couple years.

Every now and then, we have some of these here in our city as well. They take the sand with them, so they usually make smaller things like dogs. Highly impressive anyway, though.

How it possible to make so large castle by sand.
There are no limit of human talent !

wow so amazing place

Muy impresionante la arquitectura que tienen en Edmonton, la del Aguila con el Pescado es realmente espectacular

wow sand statues looking so awesome. Another beautiful photography. Appreciated my friend @oldtimer.

Wow, very beautiful..

Geniaaaaaal!! que locura. trabajo minucioso el de estos artistas.

wow, i love this!

Wow... from ice castles to sandcastles this is a city for all seasons. The seahorse and jelly fish look like good friends!