Pizza Day

in photography •  3 months ago

We spent the last three weeks with family and friends from Slovenia.

Good food and drinks are an important part of our lives.

We had some homemade stuff but also groceries are well stocked with items familiar to our stomachs.

Local meats, fruits and veggies.

After a long time, we went after pizza today and we didn't regret it. Even pizza is better here than back in Canada.

I can't explain why, but maybe we trained that way from the childhood.


Two margaritas and two large beers.

We get that for 25 cad which is the half price we would pay in Edmonton.

We can call that a good deal, aren't we?

I can't post seven photos of pizza, of course, that's why I'll add some random shots from the town.


These old pine trees at the restaurant garden are impressive.


These are special stones for grinding olives to produce the olive oil.

They're more than 100 years old.


We don't have the chain to lock our bikes and we need to find a safe place to park.

Close to the table at the bar is a very convenient place.

From this photo, you can learn how to order a beer in Croatian or Slovenian language.


Street photography I took on the way back to our apartment.


A proper place to digest my pizza.


Another summer sunset.

Just a jump in the swimming pool and I'm ready for bed.


The rain we expected didn't reach us today. We are south enough, far from the bad weather.

Goodnight, my friends.

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To find out the Pizza with delicious taste is very difficult for me. Your pictures are looking amazing.

love to eat pizza , it made me want to do it by myself .

That pizza looks great, pizza with lots of cheese is always awesome

The place looks beautiful. On the Adriatic Sea?

i like photographys , good job.... greetings

pizza looks delicious

Guess what, I decided to get a pizza tonight! I blame you haha :)

what a delight pizza is one of my favorite foods, I hope you have had a great time with your friends is a magical place dreamer and fun to have a good time

The Pizza does sure looks delicious ;)

While the town sure was its beauty :)

The Sunset was indeed amazing

Sweet dreams buddy ;)

Any pizza that I have had anywhere in Europe is better than US pizza! My son keeps promising to take me to a pizza place in Chicago where the owners travel to Europe twice a year to buy ingredients. He swears they have the best pizza in Chicago. Looks like another lovely day for you!

You really must had fun there, i heard lot about Slovenia it is known for its beautiful mountains, ski resorts and lakes 😋

wow... the Pizza with delicious taste i think... great to enjoy it with family :)

I think that I haven't had a pizza for years now @oldtimer
Pizzas here are expensive, I'de rather buy medicines LOL.
But your Slovenian pizza and beers really are nice to look at.

I have to say that pizza looks great! I love nothing better than a good deal!

Good night. Nice to see you are enjoying this place ;)

Pizza with beer.....😕 ever tried..will give it a try once ..

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Tasty pizza! There is a very beautiful post.

howdy sir oldtimer! oh man that pizza looked good! and those trees growing up out of the patio of that restaurant! What a wonderful place to live. it's looking very delicious.i want to eat this just now

pizza is very delicious. you are an expert at shooting, and photography is amazing.

It really makes you shake your head at the prices we pay for stuff here. You would be hard pressed to get the two beers and two margaritas for $25 CDN. We will often just make our own because it is so expensive to order in. Those look yummy though, gotta love ham on there.

Nice2Cyou back on home soil:=)

Wow .pizza...i love favorite food..

spend weekend and vacation time with .....friends with big size pizza and soft drink...and wafer awsome.....

your storytelling through blogging and photography is amazing:) love it

One of my favorite foods are the pizzas, to share with my granddaughters that they love, good shots, and I like the margarita. I like to visit your blog because of the variety of its publications and every day you teach us something new, thanks for sharing friend, greetings @oldtimer

I miss margaritas pizza. There are different types here, but this is not the same as margarita. Karlovacko is a good beer, but I would still choose Osječko. It's a smart choice to keep your bikes close by, otherwise you have to walk. Have a wonderful time in our beautiful Croatia.

Pizza is my one of the favourite food. The resturent arround with tree is looking amazing. Nice photography.