Most na Soči

in photography •  6 months ago

I want to present you another gem of western Slovenia. Its name in translate means bridge on Soca river.

The artificial lake was built 1938 to fuel the power plant. In the last decade became popular among tourists and fishermen.


Here's the bridge.


Stairs down to the bank.

Kayaking and canoeing are also part of activities on the lake.


They even find a place for art by the walking trail.


It was a bit late at the time of our visit and I couldn't get proper lighting for my shots.

This one looks better in B&W.


Nice reflection on the water with hills in the background.


The boat is a must for every touristic lake and Most na Soci is not an exception.


My artistic attempt to catch a good landscape photography.

That's all for today. Stay tuned for more.

Have a great day, my friends.

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Wow... such a peaceful and calm place.

It seems incredibly nice place with pure nature. Enjoy this beautiful place:)

enjoy the b&w picture ,nice .

It’s like u have a knack for photography or something ;)

I can see why this area would be popular with tourist so beautiful


The water doesn't seem originally blue really,i think the reflection of the blue sky made it so really. The bridge on Soca river is brilliant I mean look at the topography, it's so splendid, it looks quite and calm and yeah I love the one in black and white looks better.

Wow what pretty country there! Every shot looks nice!

Everything and every place in Slovenia looks amazing, I can't wait to go there and see by myself, I hope it will be in near future. :)

This looks like a wonderful spot. It's funny how as soon as there is water, even man made, people love to congregate. I know I love water and always seek it out.

It is an odd intense blue green, is that artificial as well, or just the way the photo looks?

nice photo.. 😏

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howdy sir oldtimer! well sir you done did it again with some great photos, that Soca Lake is someplace I wouldn't mind hanging out at! The shot with the reflection of the mountains is stunning! wonderful post sir.

Soča river is one of the most beautiful rivers in Slovenia. very clear water with lots of fish. Nice shots, @oldtimer.

Your photography continues to impress me! These are all great!

awesome landscape, I wouldn't come back to canada if i were you

Gracias a tus vacaciones @oldtimer y tus fotografias estamos conociendo las bellezas naturales que nos ofrece Slovenia, esas son dignas de destacar y tu lo haces, esperemos ver muchas más

Beautiful lake! I love the iron sculpture too... it looks like a heavy duty flower.