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in photography •  6 months ago

Yesterday I made a post about architecture from the amusement park. I named it fake. I didn't mean anything bad with that statement.

And now is time for some real stuff. Dubai is growing fast. You can see cranes all over the city. My friend also told me Dubai is the city with the most cranes and construction sites in the world.

Google maps and GPS can't keep the pace with construction to update their maps, and I got the impression that even authorities don't have a full control over development.

You can see different styles of buildings in the same area or even street.


Super modern and almost futuristic.


A famous hotel.


The dreams of a young architect became reality.

Who knows?


A mix of traditional and modern.


And here as well.


The whole complex named by European coasts.

Everything is ready just need to flood the canal on the left side of the photo and bring the people in.


Here is more traditional style. It fits better if you ask me.


Inside the hotel complex in Jumeriah.


The old part of the city.


A typical mosque for the end.

I'm not sure if this is imam's car. Maybe.

What say you?

Another day is gone. Tomorrow is June.

Enjoy your summer if you have one.

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I find this piece to be most interesting:

Google maps and GPS can't keep the pace with construction to update their maps, and I got the impression that even authorities don't have a full control over development.

Hihi. Great! Dubai is beautiful and development is fast too.
I hope to be here once. :(

That is amazing!!............Nice photography!!!!!!!!erasmus-experience-prague-czech-republic-f514084c771c45f4ed12afff38d50ba6.jpg

wow! the pictures and their captions are epic

photography is very good my friend. and hopefully you are always in good health. and I really need support from you my friend @oldtimer

very beautiful tower friend, I really like, may my friends always success, I want to get from you friends, and help @oldtimer

the real buildings are better than the fake ones ,haha thanks for your sharing .


You're welcome.

Amazing design and architecture. Those buildings are next level. I have to visit Dubai someday. 😀
Enjoy @oldtimer

this beautiful pictures are a spectacle, I do not know Dubai but his photos speak for themselves is fantastic

Dubai is rich with the wow ... some really amazing building, OT:)

very beautiful architecture, @jhoni like, with elegant colors and a very beautiful shape.☺️

Beautiful pictures and the architecture.
I love when people share their travels from all around the world, because I can see the beauty of all these beautiful countries, so thanks for sharing.


Thanks. That's exactly the purpose of my blog. To show steemians new places.

Amigo @oldtimer no hay adjetivos para describir con palabras esa Arquitectura, gracias por mostrarnoslas con esas hermosas fotografias, un paraiso total es Dubai

Nature is more than I enjoy. In particular, this brick wood captured from a busy mechanical life of a fictitious camera might have taken us some time to nature.

Wow the structures of those places are amazing! They are beautiful designs of buildings and houses, for something is the country with the most tourist influence of the world

Dubai can’t just amazing me because of the beauty it entails, and my photography mentor @oldtimer keep uploading pictures that make me feel that am in Dubai,
Literally am living my dreams in Dubai from your blog boss @oldtimer many thanks for sharing this great post


I'm glad to hear this. Thank you.

I was in Dubai 2 years ago and didn't see some of these buildings. So it is definitely growing very fast... The nicest part of Dubai especially regarding architecture is souk Madinat and vicinity. Have you visited it?


I didn't remember all the names but I'm sure my friends took me to those places. They live there.

If nothing else, Dubai seems to be a photographers dream. I've seen more photographs of it on Steemit than many other more visited places.

The vivid colours are what strikes me the most often. 😊


You right. It's very popular destination among tourists.

The buildings are so beautiful and spacious

I had been there 10 years ago.
It was an amazing city at that times.
I'd like to visit their again


I'm sure that in 10 years the city looks much different. But you need a tour guide if you want to see new and interesting places.
I'm glad you took time to visit my blog.

One word. Beautiful. Dubai is beautiful.
I admire the fasinating designs with a bit of traditional in it. Its just superb
As for the car, i think it belongs to the mosque keeper. The Imam's is to sleek to park in front

I would love to travel here! The buildings are so over the top and fantastic! Don't they have the tallest building on earth there?

Either way amazing photos and what a trip!

Welcome to Dubai!

Things you got to do:

  1. Safari - use and you will get crazy deals.
  2. Go to Dubai Parks & Resorts. Even if you're an "oldtimer," you'll enjoy the world's only Bollywood-themed park; it has it's own magnificent Taj Mahal-like structure for plays.
  3. Walk on the deck in front of the Atlantis hotel. In fact, you could find a bargain afternoon tea on!
  4. If you want to try Burj al Arab, skip the afternoon tea and just book a night drink on the top floor. Cool part if you get access but don't have to actually drink ;)
  5. Since you seem to be intro art, go to Alserkal Avenue.
  6. I love promenades so I'm going to suggest some evening coffee at City Walk; since it's Ramadan afternoon won't be an option haha
  7. Go to Sharjah's Qasba since there are some great weekend funthere during Ramadan
  8. Too bad you missed Global Village

I made this website and it covers all the -good- things to do here; I linked you to the forts and palaces:


P.S.: You're welcome to ask me about all the great places to eat since I eat out a looot.


Good information. Unfortunately, I'm not there anymore. Maybe next year.
Btw. How you get the fiat money out of crypto in Dubai?


BitOasis is a local exchange


They'll stop paying money to the bank accounts in a few days.


Yeh that'd be a slight problem.
But I have an account in the US, and I am pretty sure they'll roll out a deal with some other bank.

Hi, You have made a good contribution to steemit. Thank you.

I upvoted and followed you; kindly follow me and we can help each other become successful.

wow amazing structures

My Recent Post

These modern architectures and buildings are awesome, but sometimes i think in an ancient way, means just think humanity came through this point after long journey and literally sometimes i think that no matter in which situations human being faced but they always had an great thinking process otherwise we would not be here and we would not able to create all these Architectural and Technological developments. Every structure in these pictures have it's own essence and unique idea and for sure real sweat and hard work of the Architects. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

India is certainly one of the fastest growing countries in the world. The modern architecture is absolutely stunning. To think that not only did someone come up with this idea but that they were able to follow it through and make the design come to life. That is a lot of glass in that first picture and I love the shapes in the second two shots. I am also a big fan of the traditional architecture show in the other photos.

Yes they are a beauty to look at @oldtimer and I envy you having the opportunity to visit Dubai. I hope that authorities there will be able to grow crops in the far future because Dubai really is a desert and it happened to have oil which made it the way it looks today.

Some incredible buildings. Love the futuristic ones. Almost needs flying cars toodling around.

Lep prikaz, od svega po nešto, objekti različite namene, jedinstveni, prestižni. Sviđa mi se stambeni blok na trećoj slici. A i naredni je gotivan, i dobro uslikan. Ostalo je još da nam pokažete zelenilo @oldtimer, ako zaslužuje poseban post. :) Da li postoje parkovi, zelene površine koje koriste obični ljudi? Ne mislim na turističke atrakcije. Želim vam lep vikend, i hvala još jednom na deljenju.

It would seem that Dubai wishes to be the new Babylon, let's hope that her wishes are fulfilled. Best regards @oldtimer

Summer is here in Michigan now. Of course we went from freezing to boiling! We will be back to freezing again soon! Nice shots. Do you feel safe when over there in Dubai?

The real deal! Some amazing creations over there!