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Last night our landlord surprised us with a traditional Dalmatian dinner prepared in konoba.

Konoba is a place where local people keep tools and supplies and store wine and also prepare food while working on the field.

Today the custom serves to entertain tourists like me. Although we have a similar tradition in Slovenia it was a nice experience which also brings some good memories on the surface.


The first shot.


First, the master starts the fire.


The view from outside.


Meat is at the bottom of the pot beneath the potatoes.


We put the metal lid over the dish.


It looks more like a museum.


Then we cover the lid with the embers.

After a half of an hour, we lifted the lid and dig the meat out the potatoes and put it on top.

Then we put the lid and embers back and cook for another half of an hour.


The table was ready.


Here is the final product.

Chicken, pork and veal with potatoes and carrots.

They served them with the salad of tomatoes and bell peppers and watermelon for dessert.

There is just one word to describe this:


Buon appetite.


And cheers or Na zdravje in Croatian.

Keep grinding, my friends.

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It sure does look like a museum.
I love this awesome place and would love to enjoy this delicious meal there. I'm Polish, so I love, love potatoes especially cooked on the fire.
In Polish, we say, Na Zdrowie, which is pretty close to Croatian. Cool.

buildings that contain artistic value. very antique and unique. delicious food with drinks. Thank you for sharing @oldtimer

wuao that reminds me of my plain, in the field cooked with firewood until the grill is made the food has another flavor is really delicious, it is a very cozy place if and looks like a museum the house but everything looks incredible friend @oldtimer

I can only imagine how delicious it must have been. Slow cooking over the fire. Yum yum.

Fantastic place, and beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

I want a konoba... its so cool with the wood, stone, fireplace and tools. I also love the large arched doorway. Looks like it was a great dinner!

Hello how are you? in truth everything looks exquisite, the place out of the ordinary and very cozy, that warmth of the grill with the smell must have felt very well, so shared moments are the best

It sure is quite a unique way of cooking :)

Seems like your Landlord was indeed in a good mood

The foods does looks delicious as well

Overall some nice moments indeed :)

That place looks super cozy ! The food 🥘 looks really nice too, not to mention the beer hehe

it is a very fun place, Konova is beautiful and the food is very tasty

I was this year for the first time in Croatia and it was wonderful. Great people, good food and the Adriatic is just blue......


The place is amazing and the food looks delicious greetings from greece I hope you enjoy it

That looked fantastic and made me want to go camping (not RV style) and cook on the fire!

That ready made food looking yummy! Really feel like join the table with you if possible hehehe.... That pot used for cooking those looking good dish look like a traditional pot which we usually made from clay, we call it ikoko, when we use this pot for cooking of any kind, very fast and after some minutes when we done cooking, you can't believe the soup will still be like still on fire, after 15-20 before it will started cooling.... Love those oldie design on the wall... Good you have awesome experience during tour.

Thanks for share @oldtimer

Se ve que estas disfrutando tus vacaciones @oldtimer al recorrer lugares increibles y conociendo un poco más de su cultura y sus comidas

That place is cozy and interestingly beautiful plus you made my mouth water with that dish @oldtimer

howdy sir oldtimer! yes sir that place does look like a museum but I reckon it's been around for over a hundred years or longer. great and unique way to prepare a meal and it looked wonderful! thank you sir.

tratinal good food is to be enjoyed... I think food is, actually, very beautiful in itself.

yeah it looks more than a measuem 😍 perfect clicks

excellent photography

I love the dalmatian food - nearly everything - and this one looks delicious, kind of a dry stew? We spend our holidays somewhere in dalmatia every year.