Just A Sunday Post

in photography •  5 months ago

In a search for new materials and ideas for my posts, I took a bit longer bike ride this morning.

In Edmonton is easy to take ride 10 km in one way but here is a different story. The terrain is uneven and downhill is fast and fun.

But when is time to climb back uphill; a nightmare.

When I choose a town Tucepi on my navigation, 10 km was just about right distance.

And it was.

Until the time came to go back. I walked uphill the last two km beside my bike at noon at 28 degrees Celsius.

Somehow I survived and after a good nap its time to show you what I got.


Fairytale grade coast.


Mother nature at work.



People enjoy the last week of vacation.

The school time is near.


He's definitely not aware of how near.


This guy passed all exams already and it's well-equipped for the life.


I didn't want to disturb the bees.

My face was red enough from the steep climb.

Or I should say purple?


I figured out today that the beauty of the landscape sometimes depends on the type of transportation you use.


Or maybe how long you stay at the cocktail bar on the beach.

A new week is in front of us, my friends.

Stay positive.

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the fifth one is like a spider , looks terrible !

LOL @oldtimer going uphill on a bike for a few kilometers is suffering on wheels. Great photos you took there, I wonder what is that fruit that you showed is called though?

@oldtimer I always forget to ask you, what camera do you use?
Oh and did you have a storm yesterday... my friend from slovenia(koper) did send me some amazing photos of lightning 🤤


Galaxy Note8.


Damm🤭You got me almost fooled... I tough you have a canon point and shoot.
😱 note 8 f...k amazing quality 😍

Lovely pictures. I can't wait for the holidays to be over. I think I have grown fatter. Lol.

It is rainy in Nigeria right now, so sunshine is limited. Have a great one.

Looks like a wonderful Sunday! Glad the downhills were fun!

Oh My god I do really have to say the trip was worth it and all the hassle as well :)

They are mind blowing

especially Fairytale grade coast and the Mountain landscape

They are perfect !

nice vibes :)

Hello friend, you continue in the adventure, beautiful landscapes seem painted freehand, I laugh reading that your face is purple and in my thought your image comes walking by the side of the bike you are really very brave, I imagine that if you arrived at the bar cocktail on the beach, dress up paradise, continue on your adventure trip that I virtually follow you greetings @oldtimer

ha! gorgeous oldtimer..that dark blue water I like the most I think but they're all amazing, how much longer you staying? because if you have to go farther out for different scenery that might get pretty hard!

sunday came and went.... at least for me right this moment..
look like a great day for you

it is very beautiful photography! enjoy traveling

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Stunning views. Looks like a great vacation. Croatia is always beautiful!


That is definatelly a fairytale post...with awesome image

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Beautiful places @oldtimer
I wish I were travelling there

No hay nada mejor que la naturaleza para reencontrarnos con nosotros mismos @oldtimer

actively spent time

You had quite an interesting time, @oldtimer
And sports worked out
and took a lot of beautiful pictures.
Great landscape sketches.
Happy holiday .

And this song is for you!

These are really beautiful pictures @oldtimer :)