Green Slovenia

in photography •  2 months ago

We gonna stay in Slovenia for a week or two and you can expect some good posts in the future days.

But first, I need to unpack and set my connections and computer.

For today I just prepared some shots from the countryside for the taste.


Soča river is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe.


I told you it's green.


Roses are red....


Pears are almost ripe and soon will become a brandy.

Some distilling techniques and skills will be required, of course.


With all these fruit trees it's hard to keep the goats even behind the electric fence.


It looks like we have a serious collector here.



My macro attempt.


Chopping wood and growing vegetables is still a very important part of life in the Slovenian countryside.


Typical barn for storage equipment crops a chopped wood for heating.

Thank you for your attention, my friends.

It's bedtime.

Have a great week.

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Slovenia is well know for it's lakes and mountains and now I understand why is it.. Such a natural and lovely place. Good collection of photographs..

beauiful pix

Haven't been to Slovenia before. Looks beautiful.

De verdad que ese Rio es muy hermoso @oldtimer. Esos paisajes que nos muestras de Slovenia son geniales

Great pictures and sounds as if you are going to have a great time in Slovenia. I think that after a day of growing vegetables and chopping wood I would love to have a glass of pear brandy. Hope you have a great time and enjoy yourself. Just like you said it looks super green in the area at the moment and I am sure it the views are stunning. Have a great night.

nice photo , that nice we see view like this

What a nice place, thanks for sharing. I've been to Slovenia for a festival few years ago and we even took a bath in the beautiful, but ice cold Soča.

Enjoy your stay in our green part of the world!

Green nature makes me crazy. I really love this.

kateri kraj ob Soči je to na prvi fotki? Aja, btw, pozdravljen na domačih tleh :)


Kanal ob Soci.

Slovenia indeed is a beautiful country @oldtimer I wish also that I can make trip over there and eat many foods they have to offer.

@oldtimer, You always caught most talented photo skills from near by environment. Those Slovenia's background so adorable. Soca River very calm loos indeed. Both red & yellow flowers impressive. Yep....It's green color stylish environment. Professional photography again.

Word fulfilled that you were going to delight us with other wonderful shots that you had to photograph well. That green river leaves me speechless the vegetation is exquisite, all these photographs remind me of a movie the house of the meadow, the wood and the barn are fantastic shots with all this beautiful material I would write, a fairy tale. I congratulate you and thank you for all your support. @oldtimer

Wow... so beautiful.

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howdy sir oldtimer! that there is some gorgeous country! wow. I didn't know they made brandy from pears. Love that old barn too, never seen one like that before!

Very nice taste almost enough to fill me up but I know I will be hungry again tomorrow. Beautiful and green!

We've been to Slovenia 3yrs ago, but didn't see it that way. Very nice. Thanks for sharing!

how a post of your is make me wait for your next.

I've also been to Slovenia couple of years ago. Wonderful Country! Loved it :-)

The landscape of Slovenia is fantastic you can admire the nature on either side! I love the photos are beautiful I would like to see more like these, thanks for sharing with us

You are great oldtimer

I love good photography is not just taking a camera and clicking is having that vision of adjusting a good shot to everything that we think is excellent to show it n this platform

You're great brother, I'm a follower of @cyclamen because I admire his art too
Greetings from Venezuela

❤️ I feel sLOVEnija ❤️

Collection of beautiful photos shots, above macro and vegetation shots looking so peaceful...will be great for relaxation.

I can see your two weeks or a week will be great in Slovenia.. waiting to see more story and pictures when you started touring around.

Thanks for sharing.

and thats the best news for us

We gonna stay in Slovenia for a week or two and you can expect some good posts in the future days.

yup we can see the beauty of he lovely river

Soča river is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe.

Great macro attempt

my macro attempt

hahhaa yeah lovely clicks buddy

It looks like we have a serious collector here.

Beautiful red rose greenary and peers that are going to rip wow what a perfect day thanks oldtimer lots of love 😘😘

Well that sounds great @oldtimer :)
While the images are indeed awesome .The landscapes and the flowers they sure were beautiful .

The next few days hope you get to enjoy them in Slovenia a lot ;)

Beautiful! I love nature and photography too. Looking forward to your pictures.